Sunday, October 28, 2007

Treats in the Streets

a really happy flash, wolverine, indiana jones, and baby yoda (my nephew)
isaiah put this costume together all by himself, i think he did a pretty good job

wolverine, all the little girls that we went with were scared of him

Every year the Thursday before Halloween the Orange Plaza shuts down the streets and all the store owners sit outside their stores to hand out candy. My kids look forward to going every year. This year we had Indiana Jones, Wolverine, and Flash. At the last minute Hayden decided that he wanted to be Superman instead of Flash, but the only superman costume he has are pajamas and they were dirty. As you can see he was not very happy, so I did not get a pic of him alone. I did force him to be in the group photo with his brothers and cousin but he was not having it. ha, ha, ha,... oh the joy of kids :)


DL said...

The Boys look great!

Krist├Żna said...

I have found your website while I was looking for Harrison Ford as Indiana, however, I love this pic ;-) Your son looks really like Indiana Jones :-) He could play Jones jr. jr. jr. (the son of Mutt as Indiana is already called Jones jr. in the 3rd part).

Anonymous said...

yeah i was also stumbled across this blog looking to collaborate an indy costume myself... im proud of isaiah, hes already a little indy fan!!! :)