Wednesday, October 10, 2007

They Scored!!

On Saturday Isaiah and Tanner each scored their first goals of the season. They were both soooo excited! Tanner was pretty shell shocked afterwards, we kept yelling "TANNER YOU SCORED!!" and he was like "i did????" ha ha ha.........when Isaiah scored he immediatley ran off the field and gave me a huge hug. I of course started crying cause i thought it was so special that an 8 year old boy would want to hug his mom after a goal....i know i know i am a sap.


Our Family said...

Way to go Boys!
Thats awesome...I am so happy for you. Your first goal is pretty special...I wish I could have been there. Congradulations! You are some soccer studs!

DL said...


Way to go Boys! Isaiah, you are some sweet kid....8 years old and you still value your mama...don't ever lose that!


Kim Tostada said...

soccer is my favorite sport.. yay for your boys!!

by the way, I just noticed the verse on the top of your blog and it was a great reminder verse for me.

God bless u and your fam :)

Wallace said...

jenni, thanks for your note. your boys are so cute and it looks like you guys have so much fun together. i love that! tell seth hi.