Sunday, September 23, 2007

a beautiful heart

tonight i was putting the boys to bed and isaiah goes "mom, tanner said that the birthday party that he went to today was better then mine" i go "tanner, that's not nice, tell your brother you're sorry for saying that", so tanner apologized and they went to bed..........about 5 minutes later i hear tanner crying, so i go to his bed to see what is wrong with him and he goes " i feel really sad that i hurt by best friend's feelings" first of all i think that it is so wonderful that he is calling his brother his best friend, and second that he feels sad that he hurt his feelings. he wasn't crying because he got in trouble, he was crying cause he knew that he had made is brother sad. i was so overcome with emotion that i started crying too. so i said " tanner i am so thankful for the heart that God gave you"....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

happy 32nd bday to my hubby!!

yesterday was seth's 32nd bday. on sunday we went down to san clemente with some friends and family and then last night we went to 'lucille's bbq' in brea. i let the boys go to target and each pick their daddy a gift. hayden picked out a 'flash' shirt, so seth wore it last night. isaiah and tanner picked out running clothes. we had a great time. happy birthday seth!!!

soccer season

soccer season officaly began in the beasley household this past weekend. we have two beasley boys playing this year. so now our saturday's our filled with games, and i love it. tanner is playing boys u-6 and his team name is 'white lightning'. isaiah is playing boys u-8 and his team name is 'demons' (not our first choice for the name but the coach picked it and we did not really have a say). both boys are doing really well. isaiah has really blossomed into a fast little forward, and tanner is really agressive. i had the privlege of referring tanner's first game, and let me tell you it was really hard to not be bias. every time our team would score i would clap my hands and scream and then i had to go 'oh wait i am the ref, i probably shouldn't do that'. but it's so hard when it's your kid out there . we are looking forward to a good season.

Tanner the photographer

tanner loves to take pictures. the other day he got a hold of my camera and when i downloaded the pictures i found about 20 pictures of hayden. ha ha ha....also, i found one that he took of his bed after he made it all by himself. what a good boy :)

Disney Half Marathon Sept. 3rd, 2007

On september 3rd i ran the disneyland half marathon. it was my very first half. my goal time was 2 hours but i ended up running 2:15. i was very happy with my time considering i was the very last heat to go behind 14,000 people and it was 90 degrees out with 85% humidity. i don't think i had ever been that sweaty before in my whole life. i had a great run, and i hope to do another one soon.