Thursday, August 30, 2007

isaiah's first day of second grade

isaiah started second grade today. i can't believe how old his is getting. time has flown by so fast. he was so funny about me taking this picture. last year and the year before i took a picture with him in front of his class room door. but no not this year. we had to be out on the street where no one could see us, and i was definatley not allowed to be in the picture...ha ha ha...and he is only 7! what will it be like when he is 13????

camping at san clemente state beach

for our last summer outing we went camping to san clemente state beach with our good friends the clark's. it is always fun going with them cause they have three boys the same age as our boys. 6 boys running around!!! we had so much fun.

isaiah the fashion designer

the other day isaiah decided that he wanted to be a fashion designer cause 'he knows all about fashion'. he decided that he was going to dress himself, me, and tanner to show off his skills. this is what we wore.

Hayden Turned 3!!!!!!

we have a family tradition of a bday donut. on your bday you get a bday donut on a special plate and we all sing 'happy bday'

On August 23rd our little smooshie turned 3. We celebrated with a few friends at chuck e cheese. Hayden is such joy to have in our family. He is definatley our little comedian. He makes us laugh all day long. The boys absolutely adore him. Every single morning they can't wait for him to wake up (he likes to sleep in), they both cheer when he comes out of his room :) He loves to dress up, and play with his brothers. His favorite super hero right now is 'Flash'. He got a 'Flash' costume for his bday and has worn it every day. He has no fear. He is only 3 but acts like a 7 year old. He really has no trouble keeping up with his brothers. He loves, loves to cuddle. As long as he has his mimi and his thumb he could cuddle for hours. We love it and sometimes fight over who gets to cuddle him. We love Hayden so much and feel so blessed to call him our son.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping at Carpinteria State Beach

tanner and his buddies nic, and peter

isaiah looking cool on the beach

tanner and seth went kayaking. this picture was taken right before they were flipped over by a wave. scary!!

all the girls: me, sarah, christi, alison, michelle, jen, kelly, and sharma (dai was also here but she was up at the campsite giving kate a nap)

this past weekend we went camping at carpinteria state beach 12 miles south of santa barbara. all together there were 9 families, between all of us 20 kids. we had such great time. this was by far the best beach camping we have ever done. we were literally right on the beach which was awesome. the weather was perfect and the time we had with friends was most enjoyable. it was a great weekend :)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My 30th Birthday

Seth and I
D and I

Gina and I

Me, Seth, Corrie, Andy, Alissa, Justin
I had the most amazing 30th birdthday ever! It started in July when I went to New York with my mom and my aunt. Then two days before my bday (which is 8/1) we went out for a big family dinner to celebrate mine and katie's bday (katie's is 8/3). Then on my actual bday my mom and i took the boys to wild rivers, then that night we all went to fashion island for dinner and shopping and then to balboa island for dessert (my perfect evening, ha ha). Then saturday 8/4 I woke up and went on a 10 mile run, when I got back my girlfriends (corrie, dawnielle, gina, darcey, and alissa) were waiting at my house with breakfast made. It was awesome! After breakfast we went and got manicures and pedicures and they gave me a gift certificate for a massage at burke williams (can't wait to go ). That night seth had planned a huge birtday bash for me at the District Lounge in Old towne orange. We went out to dinner and then dancing at the District until 1am. It was so much fun. About 30 friends were there and we danced all night. it was the best birthday ever!!!!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

hume lake summer 2007

sensitive lake photo :) i love him.
smooshie jumping off of the "jumping rock"

tanner all dressed up for camoflauge night.

hume lake is so beautiful!

the boys

isaiah about to do the bungee
this is our second summer going up to hume lake with the trivison family. hume lake is in the beautiful seqouia mountains up above fresno. it is a christian camp and it just so happened to be that our highschool group from church was up there. we had a wonderful week enjoying God's creation, family, and friends.

duffy boat

seth and i went on a duffy boat around the newport harbor with our good friends (chad, jenny, razi, dawnielle, corrie, and andy). it was a fun night of good food, good friends, and no kids :)

Tanner turns 5!

this year for tanner's bday we had an all boy's slumber party, including my boys there were 9 boys in our house. tanner had so much fun. he had a permanent smile on his face the whole night. looking back at tanner's last year he has grown up so much. he is definatley still our shy one but he is really coming into his own. he and seth LOVE to wrestle. tanner could probably wrestle 24/7. we say that it is his love language :) he loves to dress up and play with his friends. it's funny watching he and his friends play because sometimes for two hours there won't be one conversation. their play consists of wrestling and costume wearing. tanner still really looks up to isaiah. they have a very special relationship. his is still our snuggler even now that he is 5, he loves to come in our bed in the morning and cuddle right next to us. he is also an excellent artist. he loves to draw super heros. i think his favorite is superman, but it is always changing. he just started to play soccer, i think he is going to be really good. out of all three tanner is our braveset one. he will go on any ride as long as he is tall enough. we love our tanner john and we are so proud of him

Fun times at the OC Fair

this year we went to the oc fair and had a really good time. we saw the crash up derby (which was seth's favorite), isaiah ate a fried snickers bar, and the boys rode a lot of fun rides. we came home very full and exhausted.