Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy 9th birthday isaiah!....

happy birthday isaiah. i can't believe you are 9 years old. i remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. you have grown up into such an amazing boy. you have one of the most amazing hearts i have ever seen. you care about people deeply and you love purely. it's funny cause you are almost an exact mix of your mom and dad. you are outgoing, extroverted, funny, and witty just like your dad. and then you are cautious, rule following, considerate, and you don't like to have your buttons pushed like your mom. it has been such a joy watching you grow. you love your brother's so much and you are such a great big brother. they look up and admire you so much and you are a great leader for them. you still love art, dressing up, acting, and soccer. you are a great reader and a very good student in school. isaiah i love you so much. happy birthday!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

birthday weekend....

this weekend we celebrated isaiah's 9th birthday. i can't believe my boy is going to be 9 next week. it seems like just yesterday he was born. when i asked him what he wanted to do for his bday this year he said he wanted his two best friends (ben and jacob) to spend the night, and to go to wild river's with his family.
so saturday night they spent the night and we all along with my parent's went to in-n-out for dinner. this is the cutest thing ever...isaiah likes to go to in-n-out every year for dinner cause that is the first meal i ate after he was born. i love my son!
this is seth making the isaiah smile. lately he has been making the funniest smiles when ever i snap a pic of him. last year he even did this smile for his school and soccer pics. this is a running family joke around here. this is a total side note: but this year isaiah was so worried about doing the weird smile again that he kept practicing his smile in front of the mirror the night before his school pics. on the day of he even asked his room mom how his smile looked. oh isaiah you are so funny:). we love you and think you are the best no matter what smile is on your face!
isaiah and nana at in-n-out. nana even ate a double double! can you believe it ?!!
isaiah and ben. they have been friends since they were born. isaiah and i were even at the hospital when ben was born. i love it that they are such close friends. isaiah is super into legos and that was all he wanted for his bday, besides a wii game (star wars force unleashed) which we got him. so here are he and ben with the legos ben got him.
isaiah with jacob and more legos :) isaiah was a happy boy! isaiah and jacob have been friends since they were four years old. they love being together and love to dress up. i love it that they are 8 and 9 and still love to play make believe. jacob was the first friend that isaiah ever had a sleep over with by himself(he was only 4 years old). his mom dai said she caught isaiah in the shower singing "shake it like a poloraid picture" at the top of his lungs. ha ha ha. i love telling isaiah that story.
and yes more legos from his bros. these boys are going to have so much fun building all these legos.
nana and papa got him some wii light sabers that go with his new game. very cool! the boys are in heaven.
on sunday we all went to wild rivers where we met grandma cindy, craig, aunt caitlin, the griggs family (aunt, uncle, cousins),and the oliva family.
we then came back to our house for some pizza and brownies.
happy birthday isaiah!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

good friends.....

last saturday night seth planned a date night out with justin and alissa. he asked his sister to watch all 6 kids at our house, and even convinced her to spend the night so we could stay out late (thanks danielle!). we enjoyed a loooong dinner at maggiano's with some great conversation. we actually got kicked out cause they had to close the restaurant so we headed over to starbucks to continue our conversation. we love justin and alissa and have been through so many stages of life with them. seth met alissa through mutual friends at biola. she was dating justin at the time so we got to know him as well. seth and justin then became room mates. we dated at the same time, got engaged the same year, married the same year, and had three boys that are all months apart. it is so fun having a couple that you have so much in common with and that you share a past with. we love justin and alissa and their family. our boys LOVE each other so much and we are so thankful for them. thanks for your friendship :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

calvary church comedy show...

the church was so dark that i couldn't get a good pic of him on stage :(
the fam after the show

last saturday and sunday night isaiah was in the 'calvary comedy show' at church. the show consisted of 8 comedy skits, kind of like a 'saturday night live' feel but with no vulgarity. isaiah was in two of the skits,he had lines to memorize in both of them and he did amazing. he practiced all summer about twice a week and for the past three weeks has been practicing three times a week. this on top of starting school and soccer isaiah was a very busy guy. he did amazing in the play. he said all his lines perfectly and was so comfortable on the stage. it was such a thrill watching my little man on stage, he was so in his element.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

happy birthday to my hubby!....

sorry seth this is a day late, but yesterday i was sick and couldn't get to the computer. i just want to tell you how much i love you and i am so thankful that you are my husband and the father of our children. you are incredible at both. happy 33rd
birthday ! i love you and i am glad you were born :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008


i love soccer. and i love it that my boys play. i love the feeling of getting up on a saturday morning knowing i have a day filled with soccer ahead of me. call me crazy, but that is how i spent 20 years of my life and my saturday's so it just feels natural and brings back so many great memories.. the boys love it too (which ofcourse is a good thing) and we are looking forward to a great season for both of them. isaiah is in b-u9 on the avalanche and tanner is playing b-u8 on the blue thunder. i am assistant coach for tanner's team which is also super fun. they both had games today and both did great!