Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Isaiah Turns 8!!!

We just celebrated Isaiah's 8th bday. We had a really great day. We started the day with our traditional breakfast donut. Then 4 for of his buddies from school came over and we took everyone to Wild River's. It was the last day that the park was open so it was not very crowded at all. Our family met us there also which made for a fun filled day. After Wild River's we let Isaiah chose any place that he wanted for dinner. He chose to go to In N Out, which of course got no complaints out of us. Seth's family, my parent's, and some good friends joined us for dinner. I think over all Isaiah had a pretty great day!!!........Isaiah is such a joy to have in our family. After 8 years he still enjoys dressing up every day. Right now his fav is Indiana Jones, but it is always changing. He loves to be around his family and friends, draw, act, play soccer, ride his scooter, swim, surf, play the wii, and dress up. He just tried out for the Christmas play at church. He is really hoping to get a part. If he does I think it will be so great to see him on stage, his is such a natural, it really is amazing. Seth spent a lot of the summer teaching him how to surf. He did a really good job, and became super comfortable in the water. Isaiah has a heart of gold. He really cares for people, especially his brothers :) I hope their bond is forever. We love you Isaiah!!!


Our Family said...

You're awesome! You have a great heart and I love that you are only 8 years old and already care so much about your family, friends and others. You are so special! We love you!

Our Family said...
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