Monday, August 31, 2009


i have been cranky for about a week. i don't know why?? i just don't feel myself right now. sad thing is my poor husband has been taking the brunt of my crankiness. he gets home from work or calls me during the day and i am not very friendly, or very nice. he keeps asking if i am okay and i don't know what to tell him. he has been SO patient with me, even concerned. i really sit back and am in awe of him sometimes. when he gets cranky i don't have much patience and i am not usually worried if there is something wrong w/ him. i don't ever let him be cranky. i usually just tell him to get over it. but he has been patient and has allowed me to feel how i need to feel right now. he has not told me to just get over it. he has prayed for me and told me that it will pass. he has held me at night, or he has let me have my space. i am hoping it will pass...and i am sure it will. seth thanks for being a patient, concerned husband. thanks for letting me be who i am and not trying to change me. thanks for taking care of me, and for being my sounding board. you are a true best friend and husband. please forgive me for being the brunt of my crankiness this week. love you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

just because this is AWESOME....

anyone want to take on a KILLER FROG??
*btw..the costume is 2t*
ha ha ha!!

smooshie's bday week....

smooshie had a GREAT birthday this year. he was one lucky five year old and had a whole birthday week. the first on the list was a awesome chuck e cheese bday party with his best friend pete.since both their bday's are in august and they both have the same friends we thought it would be fun to share the celebration. i love this cake, especially w/ the nick names. hayden's nick name is "smooshie" and pete's nick name is "boochie". ha ha!! the lady thought i was a little nutso when i told her the names to put on the cake :)
smoosh had a blast w/ all his friends and chuckie ofcourse.

the day before his bday my parents wanted to take him out to lunch so we all met at the new Bob's Big Boy..

the waiter's came out and sang to him, he was so shy , it was cute..

thanks nana and papa :)

a tradition in the beasley house is a bday donut. the boys love this tradition and always talk about it weeks before. "what kind of donut are you going to get?" smoosh always picks the same...SPRINKLES..

after the birthday donut the fam all went to disneyland to get smoosh and annual pass. we didn't go inside since the rest of us were blocked out but we did walk around downtown disney and he got to do some shopping with his "disney bucks". he was so excited :) he bought some guns, and a giant lollypop :)
after disneyland we met the griggs family at wild rivers (aunt, uncle, cousins). then we all came back for to our house for dinner and bday dessert. don't you just love smooshie's costume.
the day after his bday smoosh and i had a date at disneyland. i wasn't blocked out and smoosh was able to use his new pass. he was sooo excited. this is the first time he has ever had an annual pass. he was thrilled to get his picture taken :)

it was super fund spending the day w/ just smoosh and i . i loved our little disneyland date. smoosh was bummed when we had to leave but we had to pick up the boys from school!

happy bday to my big 5 year old. i love you :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

a 4th grader and a 1st grader...

school started for us last week (way too early if you want my opinion).
i can't believe i have a upper grader and a lower grader. crazy!! where has the time gone. the boys are growing up so fast. they both had great first days, and both of them love their teachers. we are looking forward to a great year.
tj at his desk. i didn't get one of zah. i guess 4th graders are too old for the "sitting at the desk on the first day picture" wasn't exactly thrilled either. he kept saying "moooom, your embarassing me". sorry tj :)

my bachelor girls....

right after i had tanner a group of girls from my mops group all began watching the bachelor together on monday nights. these monday nights always turned into super late nights because after the show we all wanted to chat. we all instantly became very close friends. it was easy cause we were all in the same stage of life with babies and toddlers. most of those "babies" are now 7 or 8 years old, hard to believe it has been that long. i made some very true friendships during that time in my life so we make it a point to get together every year for our birthdays (6 out of 8 have our bdays in the summer). most of these women i still see on a weekly basis and we even vacation together during the summer. but it means so much to have all 8 together all at the same time. i love you girls :)

carpinteria 2009.....

2 weeks ago we had our final vacation of the summer (school started too early this year!!). we had our annual carpinteria camping trip. we went w/ 12 other families and had a blast. it was a little colder this year, actually the sun barely came out. but that didn't stop us from having a great time. it even gave us a chance to do other things besides just hanging on the beach.
one of the semi- warm days. the weather never stopped the boys from going in the water and having fun with all their friends.

our friends brought a raft for the kids to play with in the water. sad thing is it broke on the third day :(

seth set up a game called "flags" for all the kids to play. isaiah was the reigning champion. all the kids had a blast playing.

some of the girls on our trip. true friends :)

tanner john

smooshie and mommy
we have a tradition one night out the week where we all ride into town and get ice cream. it is quite a scene since there are about 60 of us!!

in the mornings hayden would go to the visitor center and participate in jr. rangers. it was a free hour long program where they would have a little lesson and do a craft. he loved it.
like i said earlier, the weather never stopped the boys from enjoying the water, but when they got out they were freezing cold .

on our last night the sun finally came out!! we all ran down to the beach to enjoy the sunset and to get some pictures.

i love this family pic w. the sun setting in the background..

about half the kids on the lifeguard tower on our final night :)

can't wait until next year....


this weekend i had a bath drawn for me TWICE, w/ candles and smelly spa bubbles......just sayin :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy birthday smooshie !!!!....

*happy birthday smoosh*
you are such a delight to our family. we all love you so much!! you are so funny and always have us laughing. we love your "smooshie reasons" they are one of a kind :) . you bring so much joy and laughter to our family. you have the BEST hair ever . even though you are now 5 you will still always be our baby...and you know it :) we all love to cuddle you in the morning and you bring a smile to all of us when you wake up, it has been that way since you were born. your brother's adore you and you all have a very special bond. happy birthday to my "shweet shweet babish " :) love you!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


it's that time of the week again. :).......we just got back from a week long camping trip w/ 12 other families. it's a tradition that we have been doing for the past three years and i hope to continue for years to come. on this trip i sat back and watched seth. he is a friend to EVERYONE, and is the one to make everyone feel welcome. he got all the guys (some of the girls) all together to play volleyball on the beach. he also organized a game for all the kids to play together as well. i love the unity that seth provided on the trip. and it may have not even been intentional on his part, he just loves for everyone to be together and have fun. thanks seth for making our camping trip awesome and for making it fun :)!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


just to hubby just washed and folded ALL the laundry from our vacation AND rented me a girlie movie :). what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man !!

my bday...

my friend dai and i share the same bday, so we thought it would be fun to celebrate together. we went out to dinner with our hubby's to maggiano's. yum!! it was so good. i enjoyed a nice dinner w/my hubby and good friends. (after spending the whole day in a car coming home from hume it was nice to have a great dinner.)

hume lake..

we spent the last week here.... hume lake, one of my favorite places

we had a great relaxing week. the boys had a blast going to day camp.

on the last day of day camp the boys were supposed to dress up as clowns. zah of course had to be the joker. :)

thanks tony and kristen for inviting us again. we had so much fun!

disneyland day (part 2 of tan's bday )....

tj's bday morning started off with mom and dad's present of 'disney bucks'. since we were spending the WHOLE day at disney land we thought it would be fun if he had his own money to spend. a bday tradition in the beasley house is a bday donut.
we left our house at 9am so we could make the 10:30 am jedi training acadamey.
(it was blazing hot and isaiah said that this was the hottest he had ever been in his WHOLE LIFE!!)
tj and zah were chosen to be jedi's to fight darth vader and darth mull.

the fam in front of indianaa jone's

for dinner we went to rain forest cafe. then we were off for more disneyland fun.

after 14 hours of disneyland fun we were exhausted but we had a super fun day. happy birthday tj!!