Saturday, June 28, 2008

swim lessons take two...

as i was talking about in last weeks post smooshie threw a HUGE temper tantrum during swim lessons and WOULD NOT jump off of the diving board. this week was much different. he was full of smiles and jumped without any hesitation. here are some pics to prove it and a few of his bros.
a very happy smooshie on diving board day

tanner and his karate chop
isaiah and his cannon ball

Monday, June 23, 2008

swim lesson pics...

these are the pics that i tried to post on friday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

swim lessons....

every year for the past 5 years we have taken swim lessons at the hart park pool. we started when isaiah was 3. the boys look forward to their lessons every year. tanner and isaiah are very strong swimmers so their lessons consist of teaching them the different strokes. hayden is learning to swim and is doing great, he is a little fish. every friday is diving board day and the boys LOVE it. today unfortunatley hayden threw a huge temper tantrum during his lesson and refused to jump. his instructor told him he had to take his gum out of his dare he!! :), and then my camera died (one of those days!!)
i have some great pics that michelle took but for some reason i can't get them on here. i will try again :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

let summer begin........

summer officaly started in the beasley household on thursday. isaiah and tanner were both done with school and thus summer! what better way to start the summer then to go camping. we went to el capitan state beach which is about 13 miles above santa barbara, with our good friends the clark's. they also have three boys so it is always a lot of fun.
justin and alissa go to this same camp ground every year so they knew exactly what campsite they wanted. it was a huge site with a huge tree right in the middle. justin set up a rope swing for the boys to play on. so much fun!
all 6 boys hanging out in the tree. with their guns ofcourse :)
this train track was right above our campsite. super cool too look at, NOT super cool in the middle of the night!
this is BEAUTIFUL el capitan state beach. it feels like a different world here and i love it. there is nothing around besides God's beautiful creation.
on saturday all 10 of us rode our bikes two miles up the rode to refugio state beach. another absolutely beautiful beach. i felt like we were in hawaii. we all rode our bikes up this gorgeous rode parallel to highway 101. there were rolling hills and pastures. it was breathtaking. the boys did so good on our bike ride. even up and down all those hills.
the boys (with the help of their dad's) made this cool teepee out of palm branches. they played in this thing for atleast an hour. i got to read my book and seth was able to take a nap.
smooshie hanging out in the tree. i think the boys spent the entire weekend in that tree.

what a great way to begin our summer. camping with family and close friends.

happy father's day seth.....

happy father's day to my wonderful husband. you are such an amazing father, and your boys adore you. seth thanks for being our provider, and for being the best husband and father ever. we love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

my little rock band.....

for father's day i wanted to surprise seth with something special. so i went to my good friend who also happens to be a very talented photographer and asked her to help me. we decided it would be cool if we did some alternative pics of the boys. we would make them look like a little rock band and their pics would look like a cover of an album. i knew seth would love it! so monday afternoon with 6 kids in tow we went down to the orange circle to make it happen. the pictures turned out fabulous! michelle is so talented and gifted and i am so thankful that she helped me out. last night we celebrated father's day with my dad and seth since we will be camping this weekend. i surprised both seth and my dad with these amazing pictures. they loved them! the boys were so excited to give them and they were so good at keeping the secret :) if you would like to check out the pics go to and click on 'client proofs' the password is beasley. enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


on tuesday night we had our monthly highschool girl's gno. this month we all met at the melting pot. it was soooo good!! (vern,keri, anita, me, gina, sheryl, and nat) love these girls!

this is the dessert plate. i had to take a picture of it cause it was yummy. we dipped this stuff in on pot filled with milk chocolate, carmel, and pecans. the other pot was filled with white chocolate, caramel, and bananas. can you say yum!! you can tell i LOVE dessert.

this is gina and i throwing up cause we were so full. i know..super gross. but it was so funny. it took like five shots trying to get this pic cause we kept laughing so hard. gina kept making this gross noise, and i would bust up laughing.

sweet anita and i . i love her :)

lego land...

this past weekend we went to lego land with the cousins. i know i have mentioned this before but between two families there are 6 boys 8 and under. ha ha ha!! it always makes for some crazy fun :) we spent the whole day there on sunday. it was a blast.

for some reason tanner loved this lego man. every time he would walk by tanner would up to him and give him a big hug. it was so cute :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008


on friday vpe had their final awards ceremony. i knew isaiah was getting an award but i didn't want to say anything to him in case it was a secret. bad move on my part. early friday morning his teacher calls me to make sure that i know cause isaiah is all upset thinking i don't know about it and that i am not coming. i let her know that i do know and that i will definatley be there. he earned the "respondsibility for learning and behavior" award. i am so proud of isaiah and how well he is doing in school. and i praise God that he is a respondsible and takes his learning and behavior in class very seriously. we love you isaiah and could not be prouder!

tanner graduated from preschool.....

tan graduated on thursday from tiny tots. we are so proud of him. we can't believe he is going to kindergarten next year.

he is such an amazing boys and loves his family and friends so much. he loves playing with the wii especially with his best buddies (peter, nic, jack, colin, and caleb). i think he ask every day if one of these little guys can come over :)

after his graduation we went out for a special lunch to burger king. tannner's choice ofcourse. when we got there i realized it was because they have indiana jones toys in their kids meals.

the next morning we went to target to spend the $20 nana and papa had given him for graduation. he knew exactly what he wanted and headed straight for the indiana jones toys. he was able to get 6 men with his money and kept making sure that he was picking out guys that hayden and isaiah would like as well. what a sweet, caring, giving spirit my boy has. i am so proud of you tanner john. we love you!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the beatles....

every year vpe has a lip sync competition. yes, i said "competition". the lip sync is judged by a panel of judges who are not from our school. it is a VERY big deal at vpe and the kids and PARENTS get very into it. this is the first year isaiah has participated and he did an incredible job. he picked the song, the boys he wanted, and their outfits. he had three of his best buddies nick, nick, and ethan and they performed 'twist and shout' by the beatles (isaiah's FAVORITE band). they did such a great job,and they were so darn cute :) i hope to post the video if i can just figure out how :)