Thursday, January 20, 2011


early christmas with the dilisi's...

with our growing families and busy schedules
it is hard to get everyone
together on christmas day.
so for the past 2 years we have an
early christmas the week before with
my sister and her family.
it was nice and relaxing,
no rushing around.
we went out to dinner and then
came back to our house for presents and dessert. singing 'happy birthday' to jesus :)

holiday parties at school....

i know this post is SUUUPER LATE!!
but,we had an awesome christmas break
and i took a break from all things including blogging :)
on the last day of school before break all
the boys had class parties, and performances.
this is zas and his buddies before their recorder performance.
all the 5th graders played 'jingle bells' on the recorder.
it was actually really great!
smoosh did a book exchange in his class.
he was super excited to get the paul frank monkey book.
he loves that little monkey
smoosh was STAR OF THE WEEK!
this is his poster.
i love it.

smoosh's kinder class singing a few christmas songs

this was tanner's little essay on christmas.
i loved that he talked about baking a cake for jesus' bday.
and i love that made the top of his list.

tan and his teacher mrs. urbanski

my cubscout...

back off.. he's mine !