Sunday, April 29, 2007

My new baby nephew: Micah John DiLisi

Aunt Jenni and baby Micah
Mommy, Daddy, and Micah

Today my sister katie had her baby. It was so cool cause she didn't know what she was having. We are so excited to add another boy to our family :).......Poor Katie had a very long induction and labor that lasted 36 hours. We went to the hospital on Friday because she was going to be induced at 2pm. They sent her home cause the hospital was too full and told her to call back at 6pm. Shane (her husband) called back at 5:45 and they told her they were still full and to call back at 8pm. At 8 he calls again and they tell him to call back at 11pm. By now Katie is really tired and anxious and just wants to go to bed. At 11pm he calls and they tell him to bring her in at 12am to begin the induction. Instead of putting her on pitocin right away they gave her cervidal (sp?) which is a suppository that they insert into the cervix. They put it into her at 4am saturday morning. They said she needed to leave it in for 12 hours before they would start the pitocin. All day saturday nothing was happening. No contractions and no dilation. At 4pm they took our the cervidal and at 5pm they started the pitocin. We went to visit her at 11pm Saturday night and still nothing. Poor Katie was so dissapointed. Every ten minutes they would up her pitocin, and she was feeling nothing. At 4am Sunday morning (today) she started to feel contractions coming on. She started too also feel sick so she knew she was probably starting labor. By 9 am she was ready for her epidural and at 12:29pm Micah John as born :) Katie only pushed for like 15 minutes, she did such a great job. So after 36 hours of laying in that uncomfortable labor and delivery bed she was now holding her precious little boy.

Micah John DiLisi
April 29, 2007
12:29 pm
7 lbs. 3oz. 19 inches

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Fun at Aunt Katie and Uncle Shane's House

Aunt Katie's and Uncle Shane's house is so much fun.


We had really great Easter this year. Not that we don't always have a good one, but this year we got to spend it with both sides of the family. Usually we only get to see Seth's side. But since Katie and Shane now live in Wildomar and Seth's family is in Temecula we were able to do both. Yeah! We started the day off by going to Seth's sister's church Rancho Community. Then we went back to her house for some food and our easter egg hunt. Seth's sister also has three boys so it is always really fun. Later in the afternoon we headed over to Katie and Shane's house where we ate a great dinner and did another easter egg hunt with the boys.

Friday, April 06, 2007

MOPS easter egg hunt

every year at MOPS we do a huge easter egg hunt at cedar grove park in tustin. this year both friday mops and thursday mops came. it was so much fun. the boys look forward to this every year. don't you just love hayden's outfit. he has his red pajamas on under his clothes. he is so funny. sometimes you really just need to pick your battles, and getting dressed this morning was definatley a battle i didn't want to fight. i did choose to fight a battle after the easter egg hunt with a mom that was on the playground. she was there not as part of mops but just there playing with her kids. she kept yelling and scolding other people's kids and it was getting really annoying. i tried to hold it together until she said something to mine and actually pushed hayden's arm away as he was reaching for some sand. i completely lost my cool and got into an argument with her right there in the sandbox. in retrospect i probably should have been trying to show her the love of christ and inviting her to MOPS but i just can't stand it when someone else scolds my kids when i am standing right there and when they aren't even doing anything wrong!!! i am the mother and i know when they need to be that was our easter egg hunt. :) ha ha...

coloring easter eggs

we colored easter eggs on wednesday. the boys had fun making a big mess :)

the pony hawk

now don't get the wrong idea, we are NOT sanjaya fans. isaiah has long hair and we thought it would be funny to give him a pony hawk. doesn't he look cool?? (i love tanner in the background)