Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tanner's first day of preschool

I know this post is almost a month late, I just had not downloaded any of my pictures yet. This is technically the second day of pre-school cause poor little Tanner had the stomach flu on the first day. Tanner is doing GREAT in school. I had the privlege of working in his class last week and it was so fun to see him in a class room setting, anwering the teacher's questions, following directions, and interacting with his friends. One of the days he was the leader and he was so proud. He stood in front of the class, held the american flag, and with his right hand over his heart yelled "ready begin!" as loud as he could. His teacher looked at me with an amazed look and said "wow, he sure has come out of his shell". Last year you could barely hear him when he spoke. Love you TJ!

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Our Family said...

Im proud of you Tanner...its sounds like you are having a great time in preschool. Love you!