Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy 8th birthday tanner john!....

**happy birthday tanner**in honor of your 8th birthday i wanted to list 8 wonderful things about you.
i love you so much and i am so happy that God blessed our family with you.
1) you are so funny. alot of people don't know this about you but you have the best sense of humor and are always making us laugh.
2) you are a great friend. you care about your friends and their feelings deeply. i think this is pretty special for an 8 yr. old boy
3) you LOVE LOVE LOVE to wrestle dad. gigi gave you the nickname 'violent victor' cause you love to wrestle so much. dad will just give you a look and you know it is on.
4) you love to swim, play soccer, draw, read, play video games, and run. you are awesome in all you do.
5) you love to play video games. your favorites right now are guitar hero and super mario bros. you would play all day if i let you (but i don't). you look just like papa when you play guitar hero, it is so cute :)
6) you still love to cuddle. you have loved to cuddle since you were a baby. i hope you never outgrow it. i love it. you are definatley our cuddle bug.
7) you are shy but you are still confident and can stand up for yourself. i really admire this about you.
8) your brother's are your best friends. you guys really do have a very special relationship. i hope it lasts forever.
we love you so much tanner john.
happy birthday!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of july...

***4th of july***
we celebrated the 4th with our annual block party.
alot of family and friends joined us and it was a blast!!
the weather was perfect, not too hot, but warm enough for the kids
to be on the waterslide ALL day!!
i love the tannas set up :)

oliva fam minus luke

the garcia's

gg, zas, peter

smoosh, phoebe, aaron

all the kids getting ready for the bike parade
(no accidents this year!)

the zas

the smoosh


baby levi all swaddled up.
so cute, he looks likea baby burrito :)

mom and zas

katie, micah moo, abby girl

me, seth

happy 4th of july everyone!!

bachelorette party!........

my good friend caitlin is getting married in a month.
caitlin and i have been friends since we were 12 years old.
i love this girl and am so happy that she found the man of her dreams.of course we had to take her for a night out before the big day!
so a group of us got her dressed up, rented a limo, went to dinner, went to a piano bar, and ended the night dancing the night away.

we had SUCH a good time.
most of these girls i also met when i was 12,
some even as young as 7, and a few are new friends.
i love these girls and love spending time with him.
it is always so much fun.

congratulations caitlin!!!
i am so happy for you!!

Monday, July 05, 2010

i love ny!.....

there are ALOT of pictures in this post...
i just got home from an awesome vacation to nyc with my mom, aunt, and sister for my sister's 30th birthday.
we spent and amazing 6 days and 5 nights in the city.
seth was a saint and stayed home with the boys so i could enjoy this time with the girls.
we had a BLAST to say the least.
this is us on our first night eating at our favorite italian restaurant on restaurant row.
our hotel was a couple blocks from time square.

our first day we took a double decker bus tour (i highly recommend it!).
we took it uptown around central park and into harlem.

when we got to harlem we got off the bus and at at slyvia's.
i ate chicken and waffles for the first time.
sooooo goood!!!

later that night we went to see "west side story" on broadway.
it was an amazing show.

the next day we went to the MET.
then we took a bike taxi into central park
to eat at the boat house

after lunch at the boathouse we went to serendipity
to eat some amazing dessert.

the next day my mom, sister and aunt went to the statue of liberty and ellis island
i have already been been twice so i went off and did a little sight seeing and shopping by myself.
my first stop was wall street.
this is the new york stock exchange.
i was in awe of the beautiful building.

this is the site of the world trade center.
the progress they have made is really incredible.

our friend erin lives in pennsylvania so she took the train into the
city to spend a couple days with us.
it was so fun to have her there with us.

after they got done with the statue of liberty we went to eat at katz deli.
it's the deli where they filmed that famous scene from 'when harrry met sally'

the pastrami sandwich was soo good!
and yes we did do alot of eating while we were in ny :)

after the deli we went to the empire state bldg.
i was so bummed but my camera battery died right before we got there.
i was especially bummed when we watched the beautiful sunset from the top.
oh well!

the next day we went to greenwich village to eat some pizza.
we had heard it was the best pizza in the city.
i thought it was excellent but my sister gave it a 6 out of 10 :)

we did some shopping in SOHO.
after shopping we went to the meatpacking district.
this is us in the chelsea market.
i was a old meatpacking warehouse that was turned into a really cool market with a ton of restaurants, and bakeries.
i heard that they film the food network shows upstairs.

then we went to washington square park.
it is so pretty there.

after a full day of walking we were starving!!
so we went to little italy for dinner.

i had an amazing time in ny!
thanks mom, katie and sissy!!
love you!!

disco partay!.....

the boys were invited to a disco party and were told they had to wear their best disco duds :) tj won the dance contest .
he was VERY into the dancing :)
so cute!!

zas looked awesome in his mustache :)

the end of school....

we were so excited for the school year to end. we LOVE summer. but the boys were sad to say good bye to their awesome teachers. they both had great teacher's this year.
here is tj with mrs. johnson.
isaiah with mrs. roland.

good bye school! hello summer!!!


may was a big month for the beasley household.
we started off the month by celebrating mother's day camping with some good friends.
i sadly did not take any pictures while we were there.
i am hoping to get some from my friend so i will post on that as soon as i get those pictures.
the next BIG thing that happened was smooshie graduated from preschool!!
it was a very bitter/sweet day for me. i cried through the whole ceremony. i was so happy for him and proud, but i was sad that an end of an era is over for me.
i am going to have 3 kids in elementary school.
that is really hard for me to come to terms with.
i LOVE having my kids at him and LOVED having babies.
i know that they would eventually grow up but it happened so fast.
i feel like i am mourning a loss of this stage of my life being over, but at the same time excited to embrace this next stage.
smoosh we are soo proud of you :)
the boys were excited to get out of school to see their bro graduate.
mrs. b. she is such a great preschool teacher.

all the first graders put on a play at school. tj and his buds were the 3 billy goats gruff.
they all had lines and all did great.

both boys participated in lip sync this year.
zas' group did a run dmc mix.
it was awesome :)
here he is with his crew.

tj's group did a weezer song "if you're wondering if i want you to".
they were so cute.

both groups made the finals which is a huge deal!
i was so proud of both of them.