Thursday, January 07, 2010


the day after christmas we left for a week away on the north shore of oahu with our great friends the clarks. we lived here for 7 days... it was amazing!! this was our bedroom
and this is our balcony looking over the beach. it was wonderful waking up at sunrise to the sound of crashing waves. heaven on earth.

this was our view .. every day it was surreal that we were actually there. i am so thankful that we were able to take our family on this vacation.

the boys loved snorkeling. they were in the water everyday at 7 am. we had sea turtles and beautiful fish right in front of our house.

seth was also able to surf while we were there. he also got to see pipleline and sunset beach break. it was truly amazing.

tanner liked to eat lunch in the hammock :)
all the boys at turtle bay

we ate shaved ice every day! it was so good!

one day we took a trip over to pearl harbor. isaiah was in awe. he has been reading about pearl harbor for over a year now. he studies world war 2 more then anyone i know.

on new year's eve the locals told us that everyone does fireworks. so we ofcourse had to participate :) it felt like 4th of july.

isn't smooshie's hair awesome! ha ha ha!

all over the north shore they have these shrimp trucks on the side of the road. they were everywhere, smelled good, and were always crowded. we knew we had to stop and we were so glad we did. it was amazing.

we had such a great vacation. it was really hard to leave.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

christmas 2009...

we had a great christmas this year. we celebrated the whole week, so on christmas day we just hung out, ate a great breakfast, my parents and seth's sister came over and we just chilled. it was very relaxing. we also went on a family bike ride later in the day :) da boys in their matching pj's :)
every year we have a tradition of going to yen cheng's on christmas eve and then going light looking.

i was so bummed that i didn't take more pics on christmas day. we got a new video camera so we were playing with that. this is THE ONLY pic i got of the boys in front of the tree.

i was so proud of the boys this year and their attitude regarding christmas. they truly understood the meaning and were very selfless. they focused on jesus' birth and the blessing of giving to others. :)