Friday, March 30, 2007

another funny one...............

Hayden- (hands me my black eye liner) can you give me a butt rash?
Mommy- what??
Hayden- a butt rash (pointing to his upper lip)
Mommy- OH! you want me to give you a mustache?
Hayden- yes.

so funny, i just had to share :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

funny quotes

our middle son tanner (4 years old) has been saying some funny stuff lately......

Mommy- tanner are you excited to see sissy (my aunt who lives in arizona) this weekend. she is coming to katie's shower.
Tanner- (with a puzzled look on his face) why does she need to come all the way here to take a shower?
Mommy- no, when peole have baby's we throw a party for them and we call it a shower.
Tanner- sissy can't have a baby she is too old!
Mommy-( laughing) no, aunt katie is having the baby :)

another one.....
Tanner- mommy can i have a strawberry?
Mommy- sure let me wash them first. do you want them cut or whole?
Tanner- i want you to cut the feathers off. :)

Hayden also has a funny one after church on sunday......
Mommy-hayden did you have fun at church?
Hayden- yes
Mommy- did you learn about jesus?
Hayden- yes
Mommy- what did you learn?
Hayden- how to eat cookies. :)


we got some new nightstands this weekend for our bedroom. the boys have been playing in the boxes all week. what better thing than playing in a box with your brothers?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Katie's Baby Shower

I had a baby shower for my sister Katie this weekend. She is due next month (April 23rd). It is really exciting cause we don't know what she is having.

Daddy and Smooshie

Like father like son =)