Monday, May 17, 2010

ragnar relay...

a couple of weeks after my gno i went back up to santa barbara (yes my husband is a saint) to run the ragnar relay. it is a run from ventura to dana point. it's a 200 mile run down california. we had a team of 12 runners and 2 vans. each runner runs 3 legs of the race. our team name was "south bound fiesta" and we dressed like the guys of running from the bulls. we decorated our cars to look like bulls. how do you like the nose ring? and the tail?
ha ha ha.

this is our team
"south bound fiesta"
this is me on first leg of the race. i had a 7 mile up hill run in the dark.
fun times :)

we started the race friday morning and ended saturday evening.
this is lindsay and i saturday morning after running 2 legs, getting no sleep, and both getting sick to our stomach.

the southbound girls from van #2.
jenni, lindsay, and vern

southbound fiesta at the finish line.
our team did awesome!!
we beat the "tutu mama's" so that's all that matters.
yay team!!

santa barbara annual gno with my girls :)....

every spring i get together with my girlfriends and we take a little vacay to our dear friend caitlin's hosue in santa barbara. vern and gina ALWAYS make us fun t-shirts and saturday night we go to dinner and dancing all dressed alike.
it's pretty funny since we are all now in our mid-30's now. it's fun to have a group of friends that you can still act fun and goofy with.
sunday morning we went to breakfast at the best breakfast place in town (in my opinion). they have the BEST french toast :)
thanks girls for another amazing weekend.
love you all.

Monday, May 10, 2010

st. patty's day run....

for st. patrick's day i ran a 10k race
down in san diego with some girlfriends.
ofcourse we dressed up and all wore matching outfits.

we decided to make a little weekend of it
and get a hotel room for the night.

we dressed up (again) and went out to dinner.
these girls are always so much fun.


i have been so behind on my blogging latley. i think it has been about 6 weeks since my last post. i am going to go back and try to update on what has been going on. i don't think i can do it all at once but slowly but surely i will get caught up :)