Thursday, January 24, 2008

shweet shweet babish

the other day seth and i were walking through the calvary book store and we came across a book about 'the youngest child'. it made us smile cause the first thing it said was that the youngest child usually has a pet name. all of our children have had pet names but none of them have stuck like hayden's. for the first few years of his life i don't even think hayden knew his name was 'hayden'. for those of you who are close to us you know that we call him 'smooshie', but besides smooshie he also has a few other pet names : shweet shweet babish (my pet name for him), stinkin smoosie (what seth calls him), tiny, tiny smooshie, smoosh, the smoosh, and boing. i wonder how long his 'pet name' will stay with him. we often laugh thinking about people still calling him 'smooshie' in high school. we love our little smooshie, tiny, tiny smooshie, smoosh, the smoosh, stinkin smooshie, shweet shweet babish, boing!

Monday, January 21, 2008

a day off......

today isaiah had the day off from school to celebrate MLK bday. za and tan had spent the night last night with their good buddies jacob and nic. what a treat for both of them . this morning when i went to pick them up neither of them were ready to be seperated from their friends. since dai and i both had the day free we decided to take all 6 kids to island's in newport and then to wonderland bakery for some yummy cupcakes. the kids were so great at lunch. people looked at us like we were a little nutty, especially since we were out numbered 3:1 but the kids did awesome. i think the secret is to starve them before you go out so they are so hungry that they forget about misbehaving. i am just kidding :) but really the kids were awesome. after lunch we walked over to wonderland bakery. kate was in princess heaven. it was good for her, especially after being with 4 boys all night. it was a fun day off with good buddies !

gno w/ new friends....

on sunday night i went to the movies with some new and old girlfriends. we saw 27 dresses which was a super cute girly flick. erin brought some great chocolate cake that we all ate during the movie. what's better than girlfriends, chocolate, and a girly movie?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


wing stop + donuts + target =gno

Monday, January 07, 2008

new year's resolution.....

i have been thinking about my new year's resolution for the last week. i was really struggling with it this year cause i didn't want to make it about me. i feel like every year i make a resolution it is a selfish one. it may not be bad, usually it is eating healthier or excercising know the typical resolutions :) last year it was to run a half marathon, and i did it and it felt great! but this year nothing selfish felt satisfying to my soul. while on a long run on saturday i couldn't stop thinking about two things, so i knew that i needed to make them my new year's resolutions....

1) To SLOW down- while on my run i was thinking about the new year and thinking about ALL of my commitments. it's only january 5th and i practically have every day full. i need to learn it is okay to say 'no', and to not do everything. it is okay to stay home all day and just play with the kids, go on walks, ride our bikes. we don't NEED to be with a group of people at a park all the time. it's okay to only work in isaiah's class once a month. it's okay to not be in bunko. it's okay to only meet with my prayer group once a month. i want to enjoy my kids while they are still young and want to spend time with me. i don't want to look back and feel like i missed it cause my calendar was too full. i want to make time to spend with my husband. i don't want to be walking out the door as he is getting home cause i HAVE to be somewhere at 7...when i got home from my run on saturday i sat down with my calendar and made a list of all my commitments, one by one i cut it down. my calendar looks GREAT now and i am so excited. i don't feel stressed any more about the new year and i think the people that will benefit most of all will be my family and that is the most important thing to me.
(...btw, i am running another half marathon this year, we have to have a little something for ourselves, don't we? :)...)

2) TO BE MORE GIVING -i never really thought of myself as NOT a giving person until our family went through seth losing his job. through this trial in our lives our friends and family were SO giving. i was so amazed and humbled by it all. in the new year i want to be more focused on other people and i want to give. it may not always be money either, it may be babysitting, meals, a listening ear, a car ride, a prayer. and i want to do it with a pure heart, just because i love them. this is the kind of giving that we recieved and in this new year and new chapter in our lives i want to give back.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year...

we rang in the new year at our good friends the leedom's. the night was filled with good food, great conversations, lots of guitar hero, and some pretty sweet karaoke (seth tore it up on 'woomp there it is') we look forward to a great 2008!