Thursday, October 06, 2011

isaiah turns 12!!....

i can't believe my first born is 12
it seems like just yesterday that i was finding out i was pregnant
i know it sounds cliche, but it is amazing  how time flies!

for isaiah's 12th bday we went to red robin for dinner
{his choice}
then the next day we went to universal studios
nana and papa joined us too
it has been such a joy watching this boy grow up
and i am honored to be his mom
he has grown into an amazing young man
and i am beyond proud

{12 things i LOVE about isaiah}

1. he loves the Lord
2. he has an amazing imaginaton
3. he is super funny
4. he is a great artist
5. he loves his brothers
6. he loves his mom and dad, and isn't embarrassed of us (yet)
7. he sees the importance of loving and serving others
8. he is a good/caring friend
9. he cares deeply for other peoples feelings
10. he is a really great swimmer
11. he is amazing at making movies
12. he is sensitive and has an amazing heart

*happy 12th bday zas*
we love you!!