Monday, June 29, 2009

M3 ...

seth is a MAN OF GOD. i think that is enough said but of course i will elaborate :) seth seeks the lord in all his decisions and dutifully tries to stay in God's will. he teaches the boys the importance of seeking the lord and praying to him everday for all things whether big or small. he loves unconditionally even if you have wronged him and he is always quick to forgive. he leads our home in a way that is honoring to the lord and guides the boys through his instruction and discipline. what a blessing he is to me and the boys. thank you seth for being a MAN OF GOD.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

sad :(..

my computer is broken AGAIN!!! actually everything works but the usb port, so i can't upload any pictures. we have been having an amazing summer and i have so many pics to put up. hopefully soon :(...

Monday, June 22, 2009

M3 ...

in honor of father's day i would like to brag about what a GREAT dad seth is. ...

seth is an amazing dad. he loves the boys more then anything and it shows. when i think of his fathering (is that a word??) i think of this verse " dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but in actions and in truth. 1john 3:18" this verse decribes my husband to the T. he is so involved with them and hands on. he not only tells them every day that he loves them, but he shows them. he plays with them, wrestles with them, cuddles them, hugs them, kisses them, and listens to them. what an amazing example they have of our heavenly father through their own dad. seth i love you and i LOVE the dad you are to the boys.

Monday, June 15, 2009

M3 ...

in previous posts i have talked about seth loving to have fun and play, but he is also a very hard worker. i always knew he was a hard worker but this attribute became even more evident to me 1 1/2 years ago when he was unemployed. most of you who read my blog or are my friends know that seth was laid off and was out of work for three months. this was a VERY hard time for our family, but during this time i came to admire seth and see a side of him that i fell even more in love with. he NEVER NOT EVEN ONCE looked at his unemployment as a time to play or a mini vacation. he woke up every single day and looked for a job, went on interviews, worked on his resume, and when he was done doing that he would do things around the house....clean, do laundry, wash the car, organize the garage. we didn't have a lot of money at this time so house projects were out of the question, but he filled every single day for three months being productive. he worked so hard to look for a job, and to keep our family secure. he was my rock during this time (even though i probably should have been his). his hard work ethic proved to me that he wasn't going to ever give up. seth i was so proud of you and still am. love you!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

kindergarten graduation...

tanner john graduated from kindergarten yesterday. it was bitter sweet for me because i can't believe my baby boy is growing up so fast but at the same time i am so proud of him. he had such a great kindergarten year. he is so smart and such a wonderful student. he got the award for 'most creative' which is funny cause isaiah got the same award in kindergarten. i guess i have two budding artist on my hands :) tj we love you so much and could not be more proud of you . i can't believe you are a big 1st grader! love you buddy!! (doesnt' he look so handsome in his little tie , love it !!) tj with nana and papa

tj and his best bud peter
tj and his awesome teacher mrs. regan. we are going to miss her next year. but luckily we will have her again with the smoosh :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the end of 3rd grade...

today was isaiah's last awards assembly and class party. i can't believe is going into 4th grade. i am going to be a mom of a upper grader. oh my gosh!! that is crazy!!
today isaiah got the award for "responsibility and behavior"
i am so proud of him :)
this is zah and the best 3rd grade teacher in the world, mrs. houlihan. she was an amazing, wonderful, encouraging teacher. isaiah had a great year with her. we are all going to miss her next year. hopefully tan, and smoosh get her :)
isaiah i am so proud of you . you worked so hard this year and improved so much in your reading especially. on a side note: just to brag a bit- isaiah improved by 375% in his reading. how awesome is that!! we are so proud of you!

Monday, June 08, 2009

M3 ...

i am loving manly man monday's, not only do i love bragging about my man every week, but i am loving thinking about what i am going to write about during the week. it makes me intentionally focus on the positive qualities that he has and less on the negative.
seth helps me out so much, and i think we make a great team. if i am having a busy week, or am going to be hosting something at the house, and i am stressing about the house being clean, he will set aside a night or afternoon to help me deep clean the house. if the laundry has piled up he doesn't even hesitate to do a few loads for me. every night after dinner he either does the dishes or gets the kids ready for their bath. we definatley have very seperate roles in the family. he goes to work every day and provides for our family. i stay at home with the kids and manage the house. but just because we have seperate roles he never, ever hesitates to lend me a hand. even after a long hard day at work he gives to our family. i have a very recent great example of this awesome quality....on saturday i was gone from 4:30am -3:00pm (side note: seth not only had been home all day with the kids but had also spent the night at their school for an overnight campout with all 3 boys) when i got home the house was clean, and he was doing the dishes from the day. i was super tired and just wanted to take a shower and nap. he understood and i took a 2 hour nap. when i woke up it was 6:30 and there was dinner on the table. after dinner i was still groggy from my nap so he told me to lay down and he cleaned up the kitchen and went and got a family movie for us all to watch together. wow! isn't he awesome :) thank you seth for being my help mate :) love you!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

muddy mama's...

on saturday i ran the camp pendelton 10k mud run. it was so much fun. there were 15 of us altogether and we called ourselves the muddy mama's..
here we are pre-mud..
here we are post-mud..
(our shirts don't even look the same color)
the 4 of us ran together the whole race. it was so fun to play in the mud w/ friends.

gina, me, and vern..

Monday, June 01, 2009

M3 ...

it's that time of the week again. time to brag about MY man :).....

people person
last week i wrote about seth being FUN, well part of him being fun is him being a people person. nobody, and i mean nobody is a stranger in seth's world. he loves to talk to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. if you are in line behind him at the grocery store then you are his best friend. i love this about seth, because again we are complete opposites in this area. i'd rather just leave the person behind me in line a stranger. seth has the ability to strike up a conversation with anyone and genuinly get to know them. he is meaningful in all his interactions and really tries to relate to everyone he talks to. this is why i believe God has placed him in the field of sales. he has to talk to strangers on a daily basis. he is so amazing at his job , i know i could never do it. when my girlfriends call me seth will usually talk to them for a good five minutes before he hands the phone over. i love it and so do they. it's not that he is girly or anything but he is super easy to talk to so even my girlfriends love talking to him....i love this quality about my man and am thankful for it. love you seth!