Monday, March 28, 2011


"These are three special things about me. First, I'm the middle child in the family. I have a little brother and a big brother their names are Hayden and Isaiah. Also, I'm good at soccer I'm good at half back and forward. Last, I'm very good at board games. I almost win every time. It is very fun. These are three cool things about me."

i found this little gem in tanner's homework folder last week. i LOVED it. with tanner being the quiet one of the bunch i always wonder what is going on in that brain of his. i always talk with him and try to get him to engage in conversation, but that's just not his thing. sometimes when i am putting him to bed at night and no one else is listening he'll open up. i love those moments.

i think the reason i loved his little essay so much is for all that he said about himself. i have always worried about him being the middle child, especially since he is so quiet. we've always made sure to listen when he talks and to to make sure all three boys get our equal attention. my friend gina always used to say that he was born the middle child even before he actually was one. he just has that personality. but i love that he loves that place in our family and that he feels special being there. :)

i also love that he thinks he is good at soccer. he has really blossomed as a soccer player this past year. we are always praising him and letting him know how proud we are of him. but after every game he kind of just has the laid back attitude with a smile on his face. i am proud that he has the confidence in himself.

and ofcourse the board games. seriously, this is the kids love language. he LOVES board games. sadly seth and i aren't really board game people but we've had to put that aside for this little guy. he would seriously play monopoly every night if i let him. yah, monopoly! not a super short game. ha ha. and he does always win, he is so good at the games. it's so cute, cause he gets sooo excited to play. i love it.

tan, we love you and love all these very special things about you :)