Tuesday, February 26, 2008


for some reason i was not able to get my pics on here (very frustrating) luckily my good friend salley took some pictures and sent them to me, and for some strange reason her's worked.(don't you just love computers!!grrr) ..........tan had opening day on saturday and his first tball game. this is he and his good friend jack really getting into their game :) don't you just love little boys in baseball uniforms. so cute! we had a lot of fun watching our little guy. he said his favorite part was batting. and he was very good at it. ( fyi: tan is #4 in the pic)

Monday, February 25, 2008

i AM mama....

the other day after laying smooshie down for a nap i could hear him crying that he was scared. this is usually what he says when he wants to get out of taking a nap. sometimes i just ignore him and he usually falls asleep, but on this particular day i decided to go and lay down with him. while i layed there in the middle of the afternoon snuggling my smooshie i began to think about how lucky i am to be 'a mama' . i have the privledge to take care of my little one's all day every day. i have the privledge of being the mom, doctor, chef, maid, coach, friend, disciplinarian, comforter, snuggler, bum wiper, bather, and launderer. i am so thankful to be all of these things to my boys. it is my calling. thank you Lord for choosing ME to be isaiah, tanner,and hayden's MAMA.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

10 years....

seth and i will celebrate our 10th anniversary in a few days, so this weekend my parent's graciously took the kids so seth and i could share an entire day together. we dropped them off friday night fed, bathed and packed for the weekend. i had planned for our entire DATE DAY so it was fun to surprise seth he had no idea what we were going to do. we woke up early saturday morning and headed down to crystal cove to eat breakfast on the beach at my new favorite restaurant 'beach combers'. after we ate we took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather and took a leasurely hand held stroll on the beach (HEAVEN!!!) after our walk i told seth he could go surfing with no complaints out of me, he could pick any where he wanted and i would sit and read. we headed south to one of his favorite beaches salt creek. i enjoyed the weather and sat with no interrutpion and read my new nicholas sparks book. after his surf we went back up north and parked and again walked (slowly) hand in hand through laguna beach.
beginning to get a little hungry we stopped for some cupcakes in corona del mar. we shared the strawberry w/ strawberry icing and the chocolate filled with marshmallow. seth thought it was funny how many women were lined up just for a cupcake. he felt a little out of place, but was a good sport about it. we sat out in front of the store and enjoyed our treat.

we headed north and went to the metrolink stop in orange. we took the metrolink into fullerton. we walked around downtown fullerton and did a little shopping at the buffalo exchange. seth had never been to one, and he loved it. he got a new pair of pants and i got a pair of jeans and a top all for $35 gotta love that :). we took the train back to orange where we then headed to burke williams where we each got a massage. again HEAVEN!! we took advantage of the facilities and spent some time in the jacuzii , steam rooms, and sauna's. burke williams has everything so we were able to get showered and ready for our dinner (they even have curling irons so i was able to curl my hair)

to end our night we ate dinner at one our favorite restaurants in old towne orange 'renatas'. we came home to a quiet house and got to sleep in until 9. it was the most perfect anniversary. i love my husband and i am so lucky to be his wife. i look forward to many more years together.

Monday, February 11, 2008

band of brothers....

the soldiers got home from war last night

snow day...

we went up to the mountains this weekend to play in the snow. it is our last free weekend until may (baseball starts next weekend). here are some pics of our fun. there was SO much snow and the weather was beautiful!! (notice the huge glasses on my face, i forgot my glasses at home so my husband graciously let me borrow his. what a loving husband :) i seriously thought i was going to become blinded by the snow)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

13.1 .......

FINISH: 2:06:06 pace: 9:38
3 Mile: 26:34 pace: 8:52
7.75 Mile: 1:13:06 pace: 9:26
yesterday i ran the huntington beach half marathon. it was cold, rainy, and windy. i did another half marathon in september and that day it was hot and humid. i guess the bad weather just follows me. but despite the weather and my grumpy attitude about the weather i ended up having a great race. i ran with my great friend dai which really helped me get my mind off of the cold, and seth made me a great mix of music that kept me smiling. so with my head phones on, my visor on, and my friend to my right i put my head down and just ran. i ran and ran and ran for 2 hours and 6 minutes, my best time yet :) i can't say why i love running so much, but i just do. even though i am not the best, i love competing with myself to see how well I can do. the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing that you just pushed yourself phyically and mentally feels so good. i think i am addicted :)
thank you's-
thanks seth, boys, mom and dad, for meeting me at the finish even in the freezing wet weather
thanks dai for being a great running partner
thanks alison for pushing me those last 3 miles
thanks alis for signing up with me