Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day weekend....

we had a great long weekend. on friday night we went to our great friends the clark's art benefit. justin is a very talented artist so he painted some fantastic paintings to be auctioned off for northrise university in africa. he did an amazing job and raised a ton of money for this university. justin and alissa we are so proud of you :)

on saturday we just kicked back at home and rode our bikes down to the circle to have breakfast at one of our favorite places 'the filling station'. it was nice to have nothing to do but enjoy our little family.

on sunday we went with our good friends the leedoms to see indiana jones. isaiah, nic, and jacob dressed up as indiana. it was so cute :) the movie was a bit cheesy for me but the boys seemed to really enjoy it.

on monday we went to the leedom's with the wenster's and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and bbqing. bummer the weather was yucky, but the pool was 90 degrees so the kids swam ALL day.
i didn't have my camera with me the whole weekend so this is the only pic i have that i had to steal from my friend dai.....

i just love how the girl's are posing..ha ha ha...so cute.
(megan, lauren, smoosh, isaiah, tan, nic, and jacob)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

i love my boys....

open house....

tuesday night we had VPE's open house. we are so proud of isaiah. he is doing so well in second grade and has worked so hard. it was so neat to see all that he has done this year. we are so proud of him.
this is isaiah and his teacher ms. granger
saiah and mommy at his very clean desk.
this was so cool. the kids in the class made a 'hero quilt' each of them had a little square of the quilt and they had to write about their hero. in case you can't read it, it says...
'my papa is a hero to me because...he taught me how to play guitar. He listens to everything i say' then around the edge it says 'brave, faithful, nice, and strong'.....how cute is that!! my dad was so excited when he heard about what isaiah had written about him. and the pic looks EXACTLY like my dad. isaiah you are awesome. we love you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

santa barbara....

last saturday we took advantage of the beautiful hot weekend and headed up to santa barbara for the night. our great friend caitlin lives there and is always so welcoming to visitors.

these our my boys relaxing in the hammock in caitlin's front yard.

sunday was national musuem day so all the museums in the nation were free ( so glad that caitlin reads the newspaper she always knows such great little facts). there just so happens to be a natural history musuem blocks from caitlin's house so we decided to go there for the day. we love FREE!

tanner and isaiah were scared of this grizzly bear so hayden and i kissed him. they were freaking out :)

this is caitlin hanging out with the boys. isaiah used to have a crush on caitlin and he would tell people that he had a 30 year old girlfriend. ha ha.. so funny. but recently he "broke up" with her cause she was to old :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

mother's day.....

i had a really great mother's day. on sunday i woke up with breakfast in bed by my sweet hubby. then we all went to church. after church my mom and dad, and my sister and her family came over. we all went to lunch at wahoo's and then down to the beach to play in the tide pools. it was great relaxing day. thanks to my wonderful family for making it such a great mother's day.

my dad ROCKS.....

really....my dad ROCKS! my dad has been playing guitar since he was 11, and he is a fantastic guitar player.

last saturday of few of us went to ARBOR's in huntington beach to watch him play. it's fun watching my dad play with his band. he loves it, and so do we.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


smooshie- (holding my 5lb weights) P.E.C , P.E.C
smooshie- mom do you know what P.E.C means?
me- no, what does that mean?
smooshie- it means that you are really really strong.
me- wow ! you are super P.E.C

just in case you were wondering what P.E.C meant :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

my heart hurts...

i usually don't post personal stuff on my blog but i feel like i really need prayer right now, and for those of you out there who read my blog i thought this would be the best way to get prayer...
my heart is hurting right now. my 23 year old cousin took his own life yesterday. i am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what has happened and how he got to the place where he would choose this. my heart hurts for my beloved aunt and uncle who raised him and loved him unconditionally, who did anything and everything for him no matter what. my heart aches for their sadness and loss. my heart hurts because i loved him like a brother. a brother who makes stupid choices and whom you get mad at, but you still love him anyway because he is your family. he was the kid that you would see and even though you didn't like the choices he was making you just had to hug him and wrap your arms around him cause he made you smile and you loved him. my heart hurts for what could have been, but isn't going to be. my heart hurts just because i have experienced a loss. i will not ever see him again, i will not ever hug him again, i will not ever talk to him again. never again is hard concept to grasp. please pray for our family.