Monday, April 27, 2009

gno santa barbara 2009.....

i knew my weekend was going to be AMAZING when i walked into caitlin's house on friday and there was this......

even more specifically this...
(for anyone wondering , yes, that is exactly what you think that is. it was a "no boys allowed" weekend after all )

we spent friday night chilling, eating, watching old junior high movies, and staying up WAY to late for a mom of three boys in her thirty's. but for my girls i had to sacrifice my sleep :)
saturday morn we woke up and a few of us went on a run through downtown sb. after our run we all went to breakfast with THE best french toast in the world..
keri, vern, me, shan, and anita..

gina and i on our way to breakfast..


after breakfast we did a little shopping on state street and then headed back to caitlin's for a corn hole tournament. anita and i were the champion's last year and we were excited to continue the reign. gina was talking a bunch of smack about how she was going to beat us. well, sad to say she did. anita and i were out in the first round. i blame it on the drinks gina made us. i think she put something in mine :)...

after some cornhole, drinks, afternoon sun, naps, and snacks we all got ready for our big night out of dinner and dancin.

gina and vern made us these shirts . they were awesome. they even had the "no boys allowed" sign on the back. luckily i have long hair. ha ha!

our pre-dance dinner was at this awesome restaurant/ hookah bar complete with belly dancer and all. it was amazing. i loved it.

this was us outside the club, it was SO cold so we all cuddled together..

we danced at the club until 1am (who am i ) and then ate snacks and stayed up talking until 2. it was so fun.
sunday we packed up, said our goodbyes ,and headed home to the oc to anxiously see all our families.
*what a great weekend*
thanks girls for an awesome weekend and for literally a life time of friendship. i am so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. you all each hold a special place in my heart. can't wait until gno 2010. love you!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

some funny stuff....

last night the boys stayed the night at my parent's house so seth and i could go on a date. every time they stay there my mom gets them donuts. this morning after they got home i had this conversation with smoosh...

me- smoosh did you have fun at nana and papa's?
smoosh- yeah nana got us donuts!!
me- what kind is your favorite?
smoosh- i have four favorites. number one, orange sprinkles..number two, red sprinkles..number 3, blue sprinkles..number 4, plain twist.

ha ha! glad he likes variety..

tanner has been having a hard time hitting the ball at his baseball games lately. seth has really been working with him and so have his coaches. i even went so far as to buy him new hitting gloves to see if that would work and he used a new bat today.
well, today he did awesome he was 3 for 3 at bat. (is that how you say it?) anyway, after the game i was telling him how proud i was of his hitting. i asked him if he thinks the new gloves and bat helped. he said *yes* but what helped the most was that he pictured that the ball was isaiah's weiner. "that's what really made me hit it hard mom".......

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead...
we had a really fun busy easter this year. on saturday we celebrated with grandma cindy and craig. we dyed our star wars easter eggs and enjoyed a ham dinner.
on sunday we headed to temecula and went to church with katie, shane, and micah.

after church we went to katie and shane's where we enjoyed lunch with my parents and shane's parents.

after lunch we went over to seth's sisters to hang out with the cousins. we had a great dinner and had fun hunting for eggs.

it was a very blessed easter spent with loved one's.


spring break....

for spring break my sister and i took a road trip with the 4 boys to visit my aunt in tucson. we had so much fun and a super busy week.
our first day we went to old tucson...
the boys love it here. it is a old western tv studio out in the middle of the dessert. lot's of john wayne movies were filmed here.

we took a stage coach tour of the whole area
these guys put on a gun show for us. the boys thought that was pretty cool.
it was about 90 degrees out so the boys tried to cool off with an icecream.

the next day we woke up to another beautiful day so the boys went swimming. well, actually only tj and zah
zah showing off his diving skills

later that day we went out to the pima county air museum. the boys were in boy heaven.
this is the bomber that seth's grandpa flew in ww2.

tj wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. :)

the real air force one from when kennedy was president. pretty cool to go inside of it.
on our last day we went with our cousin's casey and elizabeth to the tucson zoo. isaiah took all the pics of the animals. the giraffe came so close to us.

thanks sissy for a great week. we had so much fun :) we love you!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

this is for you dad.....

so my dad has been getting on my case for not posting a new blog post. he says he is tired of looking at me dressed up with my green wig on.*thanks dad* i haven't really had any new things to post about or any new pictures to put up. we have been busy but just with our normal, school, church, family, friends, ect... i thought maybe i would write about some funny things that the boys have done or said lately...

* so the other day a mom on tan's baseball team was talking to smooshie and asked him how he got his name "smooshie". this was his answer......"when i was a baby i was really cute and cuddley. my dad cuddled me and would say you are small and smooshie. i loved my dad and hated my mom, and that is the REAL story"

*the other night at dinner we played "impersonations" . we go around the table and impersonate someone and everyone else has to guess who you are. well, for those that are close to tan you know he makes super random noises. so when my turn came up i just snorted really loud. all five of us started busted up laughing. we ALL KNEW i was impersonating tan from one loud snort. i think we all laughed for like 5 minutes, tears and all.

* monday i pick zah up from school and he is super frustrated. "mom! mrs. H picked four kids to read a classical book and write a report on it and i didn't get picked" i was a little confused since i thought he would be overjoyed that he didn't have to do extra work especially a report. "so after school i went to the library and checked out a classical book, and I AM GOING TO READ IT!!!" whoa zah, you will show them! :)

* after every baseball game one person gets the game ball. tan hasn't gotten yet but can't wait for the day that he gets it. last saturday after the game, he didn't get it but his best friend came up to him and said "tan i know you didn't get the game ball, but i think you deserved it"..ahhh! how cute is that?? and his best friend is on the team and he hasn't recieved the game ball yet either.

*i was watching my friends daughther who is three years old and she says "smoosh i want to marry you".......with huge eyes and a look of astonishment he says " do you want me to break up with roxanne??"

there you go dad. hope your happy! :)