Thursday, January 22, 2009

happy 1/2 bday.....what ??..

so yesterday tanner woke up and was sobbing in his bed. i went in to see what was wrong and he said "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU FORGOT MY HALF BIRTHDAY"....what??? we have NEVER celebrated anyone's half bday. why are we starting now? ...anyways, so i try to be a nice mother and console him and apologize profusley for missing this terribly important day. i tell him that i will make it up to him and i will make him a cake. this immediatley makes him smile and he is able to (finally) get ready for school. (on a side note: about two weeks ago tanner asked me if he was 61/2 and i said no, but on january 20th you will be. i had no idea he was going to remember and that he expected a party for it) on with my story, well for the past few days i have had a sweet tooth so that is also why i was so easily convinced to give in to tanner. so i go to the internet to my trusty paula deen and print up her recipe for "is it really better then sex?" cake. the ingredients are enough to make your mouth water. yellow cake, pineapple cooked in sugar, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream (real). well, the dessert was a hit and i had a very happy 61/2 year old :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

a day off...

today we had a day off from school for mlk's bday. my sister and micah game down to spend the day with us. we ate here for lunch and then went to irvine park to go to the zoo. fun day off with the boys.

peter's canyon hike...

yesterday we went hiking in peter's canyon with the wenster family. afterward they introduced us to the rope swing which is at a park near peter's canyon. the boys had a blast!


for those of you that know me you know that i call my aunt "sissy". she is my mom's older sister and my mom grew up calling her that so naturally when we were old enough to talk we started calling her that too. now my boys call her that and so does seth and all my friends. (side note: last year when i threw my sister a baby shower sissy introduced herself by her real name becky. my girl friends almost fell over cause they never knew her real name, ha ha ha!!) anyways, my sissy is soo soo special to me. not only is she my aunt but she has also been my grandma and by far my closest relative (besides my parents and sister). she is always calling to check up on me. has never and i mean never forgotten a bday or anniversary. she was here to help when each one of my kids were born....(which i think is awesome since she lives in tucson arizona.) she is a great listener and is always easy to talk to. my kids LOVE her and so does seth. she has also been through some of the hardest trials that i have ever seen someone go through. her faith in GOD has never waivered, what an example of faith she is to all of us. thank you sissy for being such a special part of my life. i love you.

date night with tj....

the other night tj asked me if i could take him on a date. ofcourse!! i could never deny a date with one of the cutest boys in the world. we went down to the circle and shared a cupcake at the perfect circle cupcakery. afterwards we walked around enjoying our alone time together. thanks tj for asking me on this special date. love you :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

girls night out....

monday night i went out with the bible study girls for dinner and a movie. we went to lazy dog cafe for dinner and then saw the movie bride wars. in case you are wondering that movie is so good! i loved it :) such a great girly fun movie. seth hates those movies so it was fun to see it with my girls.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


we had a super fun and busy weekend....
friday we went to boomer's with the gniffke's and tried our hand at minature golfing. this was the boys first time and they had a blast!

here are all the boys getting their game on
smooshie...the next tiger woods???...ummm maybe not.. ha ha!

the two jenni (y)'s

the boys goofing off.

on saturday we went to our friends bday party. his parent's celebrated his first year with a 'circus' themed party...the boys had fun with all the festivities..face painting, bounce house, carnival games, caricature drawings, a dog show, train, and the endless food (popcorn, churros, cotton candy, soda, french fries, and hamburgers). every time i saw tanner he had a cotton candy in his hand. they love it :)

tj and his awesome spider man face painting

zas and his 'dead pool' face painting...i have no idea who that is. i guess he is a super hero?? i'm learning!

on saturday night we dropped the kids off with my parent's and had a night out in hollywood with our great friends. we went to dinner and watched a fun band. we had so much fun, and love hanging out with the clark's.on sunday afternoon it was so hot out that seth turned the sprinklers on for all of the neighborhood kids. can you believe that this is the middle of january??

sunday night our great friend's had us over for an amazing paula deen dinner :) we had fun chatting and eating and the boys had a blast playing with cap guns.

after all the gun fighting they all vegged out on the couch. looks like some tired boys :)
we had a super fun busy weekend. looking forward to another one.

Friday, January 02, 2009

happy new year..........

this year we spent our new years eve with our great friends the trivison's (michael and janelle, tony and kristin). i was excited to have the kids with us since we have spent the last few new years with just adults. kristin made a great dinner and tony and michael ate up my bbq sausage links. but then....around 9:00 my 9 year old started crying cause he didn't want to stay up until midnight. (btw...what kid does that ???) anyways, he said he wanted to go home so he could get 8 hours of sleep..what??? no this is new years eve and we are at our friends and we are going to stay up and celebrate together. i even slipped him some diet coke to try to didn't work. around 10:00 he was a mess. seth thought we should leave but I was having fun. finally we decided to just lay him down in kristen and tony's bed. a few minutes later this is what we found......(guess he really was tired)
about a half hour later smooshie followed suit. so much for celebrating midnight with everyone.
at least we have tanner john. :) he LOVES to stay up!! he was so excited to be able to finally be able to stay up to midnight. he would probably do it every night if i let him. i even let him drink diet coke for the occasion. i know ,i know, i win the greatest mother award . ha ha ha.
because tanner was the only child awake he got to take the adult photo for us at midnight. and he did a great job.
happy new year everyone!!!