Monday, March 31, 2008

i've been tagged....

i have been tagged by my friend dai, i have to list 25 things about my self. hope this is not too boring :)..

1. i LOVE dessert. when i went to new york with my mom and aunt they would laugh at me cause i had to find some sort of dessert every night.

2. i can bake a mean chocolate chip cookie.

3. i love old houses and i own one that was built in 1908.

4. i keep friends for a looong time. my friend keri and i have been friends for 23 years.

5. i am helping coach my son in track. i grew up running sprints so it is fun to do it again.

6. i played soccer for 20 years.

7. i LOVE hip hop. just listen to my mp3 player.

8. i am a rule follower.

9. i have been married to my amazing man for 10 wonderful years.

10. i have three of the cutest boys that you have ever seen.

11. i love mexican food and chinese food.

12. i like to cook new recipes for my family. i am not a chef by any means but i do like finding new recipes and trying them out.

13. i enjoy long distance running. i have completed two half marathons, and hope to complete more in the future. my goal is to push myself to be a little faster.

14. i love to read, especially on the beach while my hubby surf's and my boys play.

15. my ultimate date night would be going out to dinner (mexican or chinese)then walking around balboa island while eating a balboa bar.

16. i am a very timely person.

17. my husband and i are polar opposites i think that is why we work so well.

18. i have the best job in the whole world. i have the honor and privlege of raising three awesome boys. they are all going to make wonderful husband's some day.

19. i have a fear of only ever being a mother in law.

20. i have come close to death. i do want to go to heaven but i am thankful that God kept me here to see my children grow.

21. i can be a stresser at times. sometimes i worry about things too much, instead of giving it ALL to the Lord. my hubby usually reminds me.

22. i LOVE finding a good deal. it can be a good thing and a bad thing. sometimes i feel like i have to buy it just because it is such a good deal. my hubby gently reminds me that i am still spending money :)

23. i admire people that are humble.

24. i am a good listener (is this me not being humble???)

25. i love going to hawaii and can't wait to go in december 2009. yes i know i am a planner but we have a very exciting family trip to look forward to. i tag katie and michelle. (i don't know how to do that cool thing where you type their name, then are able to click on it, and will take you to their blog. i am not cool like that)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i love my boys...

right now all three boys are dressed as cowboys and are playing outside together. they really do love eachother and love to play together. the three of them are the best of friends. i love my boys so much. i love who God made them and even if i wasn't their mom i still think i would love them :). my oldest is the ring leader. but not in a bossy sort of way. he kind of just leads and every one follows. he just is that person that you want to be around. he loves to dress up and play make believe and naturaly the other two just follow. my middle son is a bit shy, and has a heart of gold. he follows his brother not because he is forced to but because he wants to. he is super easy going. he is also a great listener. i usually only need to ask him once to do something and he is on it. i love that about him. my youngest is hysterical. we call him our family comedian. he is the baby of the family and he knows it. he definately plays it for his advantage. he is only three but can keep up with the older two, no problem.

it's funny cause i would not have written my life this way. when i was younger i used to tell my mom that i only wanted girls cause i wanted to be able to do there hair and dress them. i told her that all boys did was play cars and play in the mud. now i would not trade the cars or mud for ANYTHING!! i love the story that God has written for me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


"He is so rich in kindness and grace that He purchased our freedom with the blood of His Son and forgave our sins" Ephesians 1:7

we had a really great easter this year. we headed out to temecula to spend the day with family.

since my sister and her family are out there along with seth's family we were able to spend the day with everyone.

we started the day off at RBC church, where shane is the youth pastor. the head pastor matt used to be a pastor at calvary so it was great to see him again. my parent's came down too so we all got to go to church together.

after church the whole fam went out to eat at this great little mexican restaurant in old towne temecula.

we then headed to seth's sister's for some easter fun with the cousins. we had a huge easter egg hunt and a great ham dinner.

this was blessed easter with family and praising God for sending HIS son to die for our sins, and for defeating death. Thank you Lord!

good friday....

instead of going to the good friday service at church we decided to stay home and watch 'passion of the christ'. this year we decided that isaiah was old enough to watch it with us. even though it is very violent we thought that he was old enough to understand the sacfrice that Jesus made for us on the cross. he had a hard time watching it and a lot of times had to close his eyes. he cried during the part when they nailed Jesus on the cross. the next morning isaiah and i were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast and isaiah goes " mom, i fully understand now what it means when people say that jesus died for my sins. "

mops annual easter egg hunt....

every year for the past 6 years we have participated in the annual MOPS easter egg hunt at cedar grove park. this year it was just hayden and tanner because isaiah was still in school. the boys love it!

Monday, March 10, 2008

family hike in peter's canyon...

sunday we had such a beautiful day in southern california that we just had to take advantage of it. i have been wanting to take a family hike in peter's canyon for quite awhile and sunday was the perfect day.

the boys had so much fun. they felt like they were on an adventure. i think we walked for about 3 or 4 miles and they barely even complained. seth had to carry smooshie towards the end, but other then that they did great.

they had fun running down hills and collecting many sticks. i think we came home with about 10. we had so much fun on our little family adventure. we can't wait for another one.

disneyland date...


this past weekend we went to disneyland with just the adults. we rode a few rides and walked around. the boys stayed the night at my parent's house. they didn't even care that we went to D Land without them. they would much rather spend the night with nana and papa then see mickey mouse.


tball mariner's tanner 2008 021

our little tan is loving baseball. he is having so much fun especially since 6 of his best buddies are on his team. seth helps coach when he can and i enjoy sitting behind the back stop cheering my little buddy on. Go MARINER's !!