Monday, October 27, 2008

i've been tagged.....

i've been tagged by my friend dai, i'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about myself. here it goes...

1. i LOVE reading. i can usually finish off a book in a day or two. with three kids people always ask me how i have time to read. well, usually at night when the kids are in bed. in a hot bath is the best.

2. i love the show "Diner's, Drive-in's, and Dive's " on the food network. it makes me hungry every time i watch it, cause it shows good old comfort food which i love. and i love seeing people succeed that are great cooks but don't have a fancy restaurant or an expensive menu.

3. i am living my dream job. this may sound cliche but it is honestly the truth. when i was little all i ever wanted to be was a wife and a mom. i went to college and studied liberal studies to become a teacher cause I couldn't have 'home-maker' as a major. i know some mom's feel like they had to put their passions on the back burner during this time in their life but i can honestly say that THIS (being a mom and being a wife) is my passion. i love it and am thankful that i am living my dream job.

4. i love sleep. i am not really a night owl or a morning person. i just love to sleep. at night i am super tired and in the morning i hate waking up. it was super rough for me when i had babies up through the night. very hard times!!!

5. when i was little i used to tell my mom that i was NEVER going to have boys. "all boys do is play with cars and mud all day!" i would tell her....she would always say "jenni you are going to have three boys!" .. ha! how did she know??? well, now that i am the mom of three boys i could NEVER imagine it any different. and i feel like i am such a boy mom.

6. i am kind of embarassed of this one since i feel like i am letting out a deep dark secret that nobody else knows except my immediate family but here it goes....i am NOT as patient and mellow as most people think i am. i have a breaking point and it is sad to say that my immediate family are the only one's who have seen it. i can be patient to a point and then i can just blow. i have always been this way and it is something that i wish i could change about myself. it's hard now that i have a family cause when mom blows it usually causes much chaos in the house. why do us moms have so much control of the mood of the house? if mom is happy the house is happy. if mom is mad...the house is not so good.

7. i can burp REALLY loud. when i was little i won a contest at school for this amazing talent. in our house we all have super powers. mine is burping :)

now i am supposed to tag 7 more people........shannon. vern. jenny. katie. dawnielle. juliana. and erin.

Monday, October 13, 2008


last night i had a gno with my highschool girls. i love these girls so much. we all share a special bond that i don't think i could even explain in words. even if we haven't seen eachother for a long time we are always able to pick up right where we left off. we can laugh for hours and talk about everything. i cherish these women and all of their friendships. thanks girls for being a part of my life :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

star of the week AND student of the month...

that's right! not only is my son STAR OF THE WEEK he is also STUDENT OF THE MONTH! TJ we are so proud of you :)

this is tan with Bernie Bear. as part of 'star of the week' you get to bring home Bernie Bear. he spends the week with our family and tan will write in the class journal about their week together. so cute :)
another special part is the 'all about me poster'. we spent the weekend making this and it was put up in the class on monday and is up all week.
my favorite part of the poster is the I Wish.. tan wrote "I wish i had a giant monster in my backyard" umm okay??? when i asked him why he would want a giant monster in our back yard he said "it would be a nice one." okay, atleast he didn't wish for a mean one. of all the things he could have wished for. ha ha ha!

then to top off his great week he came home with the "student of the month" award. his principal came in his class and presented it to him. he will have his picture taken and he will be on a bulletin board in the front of the school for the whole month. he was the first in his class to get this award. he was SUPER excited! and i got a sticker that says " my child is student of the month at vpe"....tan REALLY wants me to put it on my car. maybe i will put in on the fridge instead. :)

love you tan and we are so proud of you!!