Wednesday, August 31, 2011

vern's super hero bday party...

for vern's 34th bday we had a superhero party.
if you know vern then you know this is totally fitting :)

all of us went to ohs together
white liar vs. jenni justice
jenni, jenny, and christine ( soccer buddies)
me and the bday girl- love you vern!
happy bday :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

happy 7th bday to my baby boy...

**happy birthday**
smooshie we love you so much!
we can't believe our baby is 7 years old
and going into first grade.
you brighten our life

7 amazing things about my boy:

1) you are soooo funny
2) you have a contagious smile
3) you think for yourself and do things when you are ready
4) you make up your own rules in life, we call those your "smoohie-isms"
5) you LOVE your brothers, and have a very special bond with them
6) everyone loves to be around you
7) you still love to snuggle, and even though you are seven you will ALWAYS be the baby

** we love you smooshie**

smooshie's 7th bday at disneyland...

**happy 7th birthday**

for smooshie's 7th bday we spent the day at disneyland
we had so much fun with just the 5 of us
nana and papa met us for dinner at rainforest cafe
in downtown disney

happy birthday smooshie
we love you!!

carpinteria 2011...

for the past 5 years we have been going camping

(with 12 other families)

to carpinteria state beach in santa barbara

it is a tradition that we love and look forward

to every year...

our house for the week

seth and rob setting up for volleyball
smoohsie, lexie, selah

smooshie laying out

some of the kiddos at the park

every year seth organizes a game called "flags" for the kids

isaiah is the reigning champion!

we had a surprise party for pete and smooshie

they we so excited

their iron man cake

on of our traditions is riding our bikes into town for icecream.

we over take this little

ice cream shop with about

60 people

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

birthday boy..

it is beasley family tradition to have a bday donut on your bday

happy 9th bday sweet boy 9 special things about my amazing 9 year old:

1) you are so funny

2) you are smart

3) you are so handsome

4) you are very respondsible

5) you are organized

6) you have an amazing memory

7) you are giving

8) you are a really really goood eater

9) you are an amazing son, brother, and friend

**we love you soo much tanner john**

tj's 9th bday...

for tj's 9th bday we had a SURVIVOR party.

we had 2 teams one blue one green the green team was SIKU
the blue team was KIPAJI

the first game was a scavenger hunt. they had to find all the items to build their "home". the first team to complete that task got points.

in this game they had to stick their face in a bowl of whipped cream. there was a piece of bubble gum at the bottom of the bowl. the first person to find, chew, and blow a bubble won.


waterballoon toss

the winner was KIPAJI by 2 points

it was a very close game

finishing off with some cake

**happy birthday tj**


**yosemite 2011**

we made our first trip to yosemite this summer.

it was AMAZING and sooo beautiful!

we had such a great time with our dear friends the steinle's

here are our pics from the 5 days that we were there.

sara and i at vernal falls

day hike to upper yosemite falls

el capitan

lower yosemite falls