Monday, July 20, 2009

happy birthday tj....

*happy birthday tanner john*
in honor of your big 7th bday i wanted to write 7 things that i adore about you.
*1. you LOVE TO WRESTLE, and i had to put that in capitals cause i wanted to emphasize just how much you love it. we all think it is your love language :)
*2. you love to cuddle, even though you are 7 you still love to curl up on my lap and snuggle before bed. i love it !!
*3. you are shy, but the older you get the more you seem to be coming out of your shell. i love the way God made you.
*4. you have the best smile and the most beautiful brown eyes. and when you give me those puppy dog eyes my heart melts.
*5. you adore your brother's. you guys have the most special relationship that i have ever seen among siblings. my prayer is that it stays that way forever.
*6. you are fearless. you will try anything once. i don't have this gift so i love that you have it.
*7. you are funny. even though you are shy it doesn't stop you from having such an awesome sense of humor. you make us all laugh :)
* happy birthday tj. i love you so much and am so grateful that God blessed us with you 7 years ago. i love you more then you could ever know. *

M3 ...

seth loves to play lego. he has been playing with tanner and his new lego set for the last hour. and he's not just doing it cause tanner begged him to, but he thouroughly enjoys playing legos AND spending time with tan. it is so cute to watch them and to see them spend this quality time together. tan is in heaven right now with his dad's undivided attention. how special is it that my boys have a dad that LOVES to spend time with them and doesn't just do it cause he feels like he has to. what a blessing :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the 1st of 2 bday parties...

tj is one lucky boy this year! he gets to celebrate his birthday twice!! for his first bday celebration we went w/ seth's side of the family to wild river's. all the boys (6!!) had so much fun. afterwards we came back to our house for pizza and cake.
the boys then played army in the yard..
happy bday tj. we love you :)!!

kindergarten memory verse program...

tj completed the kindergarten memory verse program at church. he had to memorize 15 verses. for all his hard work he was presented a bible last sunday at church. it was very special cause two of his best buds were also awarded bible's . we are so proud of you tj for working so hard to memorize God's word.the boys praying together. how cute is that?!

4th of july...

we had our annualy 4th of july block party again. it was a blast! the kids were on the waterslide from 9am-8pm. so much fun :) we also had tons of food, friends, family, bike parade, and a firework show. it was an awesome 4th!

Monday, July 13, 2009

M3 ...

this week for my M3 post i am asking for prayer over my man. as i mentioned last week he stepped out in faith to follow God's will to start a new job (self employed, no salary, no benefits). even though he know in his heart he did the right thing and he knows that he is doing what God asked him to do , it still has been VERY STRESSUL for him. so please if you are reading this would you please lift seth up right now to the Lord in prayer. pray for guidance, comfort, peace, patience, trust....thanks :)
**Lord, i lift seth up to you right now and i ask that you fill him with your peace and comfort. may he hand his stress over to you, because we know you are our provider. thank you lord for directing our path and being in control when things don't always feel in control. we love you Lord and praise you! thank you for proverbs 3:5-6 "trust in the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understandings. in all your ways aknowedge him, and he shall direct your path". **

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sara's shower...

my friend sara is pregnant with her second little girl. we celebrated her a few weekends ago with a shower/breakfast at pj's abbey. it was so fun and i am so excited for sara and her new little one :)


the boys have been taking swimming down at our local pool for the past few weeks. they are all doing amazing. isaiah is perfecting his strokes and even had to swim a 500meter the other day. tj is learning all his strokes and is doing awesome. back stroke is his favorite. smoosh is beginning to really learn how to swim. he is a little fish but sometimes gets afraid to be in deep water. i am so proud of all of them.

abby grace.....

the day we were coming home from camping i got a call from my bro-n-law that my sister was in labor. the whole way home we kept getting updates. i missed the birth :( but i was able to race out to temecula and meet my niece about an hour afer she was born. katie, micah, me, abby
me and abby
so happy to have a niece :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

camping at el capitan....

we started our summer by camping with our good friends at one of our favorite camping spots, el capitan. it was so much fun!
this road is the road we take when we ride our bikes from el capitan to refugio beach. it is about 2 miles between the beaches and you ride along this beautiful secluded road parallel to highway 101. it is absolutley breathtaking. taking a break during our bike ride :)
smoosh and seth (i LOVE this pic)

on our way back to our campsite we road our bikes on the beach. i had never done this before. it was amazing.

the boys enjoying the big tree at the campsite.

smoosh swinging on the rope swing.

closing cermonies...

i am really late posting this cause my computer has been down and i haven't been able to load pictures..about a month ago tanner had his closing ceremonies for baseball. even though baseball ended for us in May we had to wait for the older teams to finish all of their tournaments. tanner had such a great year playing baseball on the single A yankees. he did awesome. it was so much fun to watch him blossom into such a great little baseball player.

Monday, July 06, 2009

M3 ...

man of faith
last week my husband quit his job with a salary and benefits to become self employed because that is what he felt like God was telling him to do. he stepped out in faith. i'm not going to lie and say that it was easy cause it wasn't. but both of us felt a clear "GO" from the Lord so he obeyed. i am so proud of seth for taking this leap and going blindly on pure faith alone. i know in my heart that God is going to bless him for it. thank you seth for being a man of faith and for obeying God's call.