Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy 16th Birthday Isaiah!

Happy 16th Birthday

it has been exactly 4 years since my last blog post.
4 years ago my first born turned 12 and today he turns 16.

i truly am so proud of who this boy (man) is. he is the perfect first born in our family. tanner and smooshie look up to him and i love that he always includes them. he is super funny, some people don't get his humor but if you do, he'll have you laughing. he's an old man in a 16 year old body. he is very set in his ways and sometimes doesn't understand teenagers. he loves talking with adults and adults love talking with him. all of our friends love to hang out with him. he's authentic. what you see is what you get, and i really respect that about him. his faith in God is real. he asks hard questions because he wants to truly know the truth. he doesn't just believe because we believe. he loves music, movies, and being in the water whether it be surfing, swimming, or playing water polo. he's passionate and i love watching him in his element. as i've watched him grow these past 16 years i feel so honored to be his mom. when he was younger i used to think about him being a teenager and i would get sad. but i can honestly say that i enjoy the teenage years, i love hanging out with him, and he loves hanging out with us. sure there are hard days, but it wouldn't be real life if we didn't have them. in a week he gets his license and there is going to be a new freedom. as much as i'm excited for him, i'm also going to miss our talks in the car. maybe he'll just have to drive me around now ;) happy 16th birthday isaiah! dad and i love you more than you will ever know! 

Thursday, October 06, 2011

isaiah turns 12!!....

i can't believe my first born is 12
it seems like just yesterday that i was finding out i was pregnant
i know it sounds cliche, but it is amazing  how time flies!

for isaiah's 12th bday we went to red robin for dinner
{his choice}
then the next day we went to universal studios
nana and papa joined us too
it has been such a joy watching this boy grow up
and i am honored to be his mom
he has grown into an amazing young man
and i am beyond proud

{12 things i LOVE about isaiah}

1. he loves the Lord
2. he has an amazing imaginaton
3. he is super funny
4. he is a great artist
5. he loves his brothers
6. he loves his mom and dad, and isn't embarrassed of us (yet)
7. he sees the importance of loving and serving others
8. he is a good/caring friend
9. he cares deeply for other peoples feelings
10. he is a really great swimmer
11. he is amazing at making movies
12. he is sensitive and has an amazing heart

*happy 12th bday zas*
we love you!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

carleigh's wedding...

on september 10,2011
seth's sister carleigh got married
we were so excited to be able to be there for her special day

smooshie was the ring bearer
he didn't really like having his picture taken :)

all 6 siblings
seth, michelle, carleigh, danielle, jeff, and laina
congratulations mr. and mrs. rust!!

san francisco

a couple days after we got home from camping we left again for a trip up the coast.
seth's sister was getting married up north
so we decided to add an extra day and spend a day in san fran
it was so much fun
the boys had a blast!

camping at misson bay..

over labor day weekend we went camping at
 campland on mission bay with the griggs family
smooshie took up skate boarding while we were there
he looks so cute!
6 cousins
spencer, tanner, finn, isaiah, smooshie, macky

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

vern's super hero bday party...

for vern's 34th bday we had a superhero party.
if you know vern then you know this is totally fitting :)

all of us went to ohs together
white liar vs. jenni justice
jenni, jenny, and christine ( soccer buddies)
me and the bday girl- love you vern!
happy bday :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

happy 7th bday to my baby boy...

**happy birthday**
smooshie we love you so much!
we can't believe our baby is 7 years old
and going into first grade.
you brighten our life

7 amazing things about my boy:

1) you are soooo funny
2) you have a contagious smile
3) you think for yourself and do things when you are ready
4) you make up your own rules in life, we call those your "smoohie-isms"
5) you LOVE your brothers, and have a very special bond with them
6) everyone loves to be around you
7) you still love to snuggle, and even though you are seven you will ALWAYS be the baby

** we love you smooshie**

smooshie's 7th bday at disneyland...

**happy 7th birthday**

for smooshie's 7th bday we spent the day at disneyland
we had so much fun with just the 5 of us
nana and papa met us for dinner at rainforest cafe
in downtown disney

happy birthday smooshie
we love you!!

carpinteria 2011...

for the past 5 years we have been going camping

(with 12 other families)

to carpinteria state beach in santa barbara

it is a tradition that we love and look forward

to every year...

our house for the week

seth and rob setting up for volleyball
smoohsie, lexie, selah

smooshie laying out

some of the kiddos at the park

every year seth organizes a game called "flags" for the kids

isaiah is the reigning champion!

we had a surprise party for pete and smooshie

they we so excited

their iron man cake

on of our traditions is riding our bikes into town for icecream.

we over take this little

ice cream shop with about

60 people