Sunday, August 22, 2010

hume lake..

one of our favorite places ever is hume lake.
every summer for the past 5 years our dear friends have graciously
offered us an invite to their cabin.
this year we drove up on tj's bday.
he wasn't too thrilled about spending 5 hours of his
bday in the car but when we got their krisitin
had made him a cake and he was all smiles.
our first day there the kids swam out to the jumping rock.

one day isaiah bought a canvas and painted by the lake.
he's so artsy :)

we had smore's by the fire with friends

ofcourse, we had some pool time

this was the first year that zas was old enough
to do 'the blob'....ummmm..he won't be doing that
again. look how hight he got.
and when he landed it was right on his stomach :(

he really enjoyed the swing.
i think he'll stick to that :)

family pic

on of the nights for day camp the boys always dress up.
this year the theme was three musketeers. beautiful is this place??!!!

sensitive lake photo :)

we had such a great family vacation!
thanks trivison family,
we love you guys!

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DL said...

Looks like another great year at the lake! Love all the photos!