Tuesday, July 20, 2010

happy 8th birthday tanner john!....

**happy birthday tanner**in honor of your 8th birthday i wanted to list 8 wonderful things about you.
i love you so much and i am so happy that God blessed our family with you.
1) you are so funny. alot of people don't know this about you but you have the best sense of humor and are always making us laugh.
2) you are a great friend. you care about your friends and their feelings deeply. i think this is pretty special for an 8 yr. old boy
3) you LOVE LOVE LOVE to wrestle dad. gigi gave you the nickname 'violent victor' cause you love to wrestle so much. dad will just give you a look and you know it is on.
4) you love to swim, play soccer, draw, read, play video games, and run. you are awesome in all you do.
5) you love to play video games. your favorites right now are guitar hero and super mario bros. you would play all day if i let you (but i don't). you look just like papa when you play guitar hero, it is so cute :)
6) you still love to cuddle. you have loved to cuddle since you were a baby. i hope you never outgrow it. i love it. you are definatley our cuddle bug.
7) you are shy but you are still confident and can stand up for yourself. i really admire this about you.
8) your brother's are your best friends. you guys really do have a very special relationship. i hope it lasts forever.
we love you so much tanner john.
happy birthday!

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DL said...

Happy Birthday, TJ! We all love you so much!