Monday, August 23, 2010

happy 6th birthday smooshie!!....

**happy birthday my shweet shweet smoosh** i can' t believe it has been 6 years since our last baby was born.
you have been such a blessing to all of our lives.
for your 6th birthday i am going to write 6 things that we love about our smooshie.
1. you are still and will always be " smooshie". you have turned into your nickname. so many people don't ever even call you by your real name. we love it. i wonder how much longer it will last :)
2. you are so funny!! you love to make people laugh and you love being the class clown.
3. you have what we like to call "smooshie reasons" it's kind of your own set of rules that you make along the way in life (usually for your benefit). they are hysterical.
4. you adore your brothers, but even though you are the youngest you don't let them boss you around. alot of times you are the boss.
5. you still love to cuddle. especially when you wake up in the morning. one of my favorite things ever with you these past 6 years has been cuddling you with your crazy hair every.single.morning!
6. you run, jump, hop, or skip every where you go. i think you need to make a "smooshie workout and diet" video and we would all be skinny :) you move all the time, and snack all day. i get tired just watching you . :)
we love you soo much!!
happy birthday!!!!

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