Monday, July 05, 2010


may was a big month for the beasley household.
we started off the month by celebrating mother's day camping with some good friends.
i sadly did not take any pictures while we were there.
i am hoping to get some from my friend so i will post on that as soon as i get those pictures.
the next BIG thing that happened was smooshie graduated from preschool!!
it was a very bitter/sweet day for me. i cried through the whole ceremony. i was so happy for him and proud, but i was sad that an end of an era is over for me.
i am going to have 3 kids in elementary school.
that is really hard for me to come to terms with.
i LOVE having my kids at him and LOVED having babies.
i know that they would eventually grow up but it happened so fast.
i feel like i am mourning a loss of this stage of my life being over, but at the same time excited to embrace this next stage.
smoosh we are soo proud of you :)
the boys were excited to get out of school to see their bro graduate.
mrs. b. she is such a great preschool teacher.

all the first graders put on a play at school. tj and his buds were the 3 billy goats gruff.
they all had lines and all did great.

both boys participated in lip sync this year.
zas' group did a run dmc mix.
it was awesome :)
here he is with his crew.

tj's group did a weezer song "if you're wondering if i want you to".
they were so cute.

both groups made the finals which is a huge deal!
i was so proud of both of them.

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