Sunday, August 02, 2009

disneyland day (part 2 of tan's bday )....

tj's bday morning started off with mom and dad's present of 'disney bucks'. since we were spending the WHOLE day at disney land we thought it would be fun if he had his own money to spend. a bday tradition in the beasley house is a bday donut.
we left our house at 9am so we could make the 10:30 am jedi training acadamey.
(it was blazing hot and isaiah said that this was the hottest he had ever been in his WHOLE LIFE!!)
tj and zah were chosen to be jedi's to fight darth vader and darth mull.

the fam in front of indianaa jone's

for dinner we went to rain forest cafe. then we were off for more disneyland fun.

after 14 hours of disneyland fun we were exhausted but we had a super fun day. happy birthday tj!!

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DL said...

so much fun! glad TJ had his birthday wish come true!