Thursday, August 27, 2009

smooshie's bday week....

smooshie had a GREAT birthday this year. he was one lucky five year old and had a whole birthday week. the first on the list was a awesome chuck e cheese bday party with his best friend pete.since both their bday's are in august and they both have the same friends we thought it would be fun to share the celebration. i love this cake, especially w/ the nick names. hayden's nick name is "smooshie" and pete's nick name is "boochie". ha ha!! the lady thought i was a little nutso when i told her the names to put on the cake :)
smoosh had a blast w/ all his friends and chuckie ofcourse.

the day before his bday my parents wanted to take him out to lunch so we all met at the new Bob's Big Boy..

the waiter's came out and sang to him, he was so shy , it was cute..

thanks nana and papa :)

a tradition in the beasley house is a bday donut. the boys love this tradition and always talk about it weeks before. "what kind of donut are you going to get?" smoosh always picks the same...SPRINKLES..

after the birthday donut the fam all went to disneyland to get smoosh and annual pass. we didn't go inside since the rest of us were blocked out but we did walk around downtown disney and he got to do some shopping with his "disney bucks". he was so excited :) he bought some guns, and a giant lollypop :)
after disneyland we met the griggs family at wild rivers (aunt, uncle, cousins). then we all came back for to our house for dinner and bday dessert. don't you just love smooshie's costume.
the day after his bday smoosh and i had a date at disneyland. i wasn't blocked out and smoosh was able to use his new pass. he was sooo excited. this is the first time he has ever had an annual pass. he was thrilled to get his picture taken :)

it was super fund spending the day w/ just smoosh and i . i loved our little disneyland date. smoosh was bummed when we had to leave but we had to pick up the boys from school!

happy bday to my big 5 year old. i love you :)


juliana said...

I can't believe he's 5... seriously?! Wow. :)

DL said...

I can't believe it! We love you Smoosh! Happy 5th Birthday!