Monday, July 20, 2009

happy birthday tj....

*happy birthday tanner john*
in honor of your big 7th bday i wanted to write 7 things that i adore about you.
*1. you LOVE TO WRESTLE, and i had to put that in capitals cause i wanted to emphasize just how much you love it. we all think it is your love language :)
*2. you love to cuddle, even though you are 7 you still love to curl up on my lap and snuggle before bed. i love it !!
*3. you are shy, but the older you get the more you seem to be coming out of your shell. i love the way God made you.
*4. you have the best smile and the most beautiful brown eyes. and when you give me those puppy dog eyes my heart melts.
*5. you adore your brother's. you guys have the most special relationship that i have ever seen among siblings. my prayer is that it stays that way forever.
*6. you are fearless. you will try anything once. i don't have this gift so i love that you have it.
*7. you are funny. even though you are shy it doesn't stop you from having such an awesome sense of humor. you make us all laugh :)
* happy birthday tj. i love you so much and am so grateful that God blessed us with you 7 years ago. i love you more then you could ever know. *

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DL said...

Happy Birthday, TJ. We love you too! You are a very special friend of Curly's and we are so happy to know you! xo