Monday, June 15, 2009

M3 ...

in previous posts i have talked about seth loving to have fun and play, but he is also a very hard worker. i always knew he was a hard worker but this attribute became even more evident to me 1 1/2 years ago when he was unemployed. most of you who read my blog or are my friends know that seth was laid off and was out of work for three months. this was a VERY hard time for our family, but during this time i came to admire seth and see a side of him that i fell even more in love with. he NEVER NOT EVEN ONCE looked at his unemployment as a time to play or a mini vacation. he woke up every single day and looked for a job, went on interviews, worked on his resume, and when he was done doing that he would do things around the house....clean, do laundry, wash the car, organize the garage. we didn't have a lot of money at this time so house projects were out of the question, but he filled every single day for three months being productive. he worked so hard to look for a job, and to keep our family secure. he was my rock during this time (even though i probably should have been his). his hard work ethic proved to me that he wasn't going to ever give up. seth i was so proud of you and still am. love you!

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