Monday, June 08, 2009

M3 ...

i am loving manly man monday's, not only do i love bragging about my man every week, but i am loving thinking about what i am going to write about during the week. it makes me intentionally focus on the positive qualities that he has and less on the negative.
seth helps me out so much, and i think we make a great team. if i am having a busy week, or am going to be hosting something at the house, and i am stressing about the house being clean, he will set aside a night or afternoon to help me deep clean the house. if the laundry has piled up he doesn't even hesitate to do a few loads for me. every night after dinner he either does the dishes or gets the kids ready for their bath. we definatley have very seperate roles in the family. he goes to work every day and provides for our family. i stay at home with the kids and manage the house. but just because we have seperate roles he never, ever hesitates to lend me a hand. even after a long hard day at work he gives to our family. i have a very recent great example of this awesome quality....on saturday i was gone from 4:30am -3:00pm (side note: seth not only had been home all day with the kids but had also spent the night at their school for an overnight campout with all 3 boys) when i got home the house was clean, and he was doing the dishes from the day. i was super tired and just wanted to take a shower and nap. he understood and i took a 2 hour nap. when i woke up it was 6:30 and there was dinner on the table. after dinner i was still groggy from my nap so he told me to lay down and he cleaned up the kitchen and went and got a family movie for us all to watch together. wow! isn't he awesome :) thank you seth for being my help mate :) love you!

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