Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the end of 3rd grade...

today was isaiah's last awards assembly and class party. i can't believe is going into 4th grade. i am going to be a mom of a upper grader. oh my gosh!! that is crazy!!
today isaiah got the award for "responsibility and behavior"
i am so proud of him :)
this is zah and the best 3rd grade teacher in the world, mrs. houlihan. she was an amazing, wonderful, encouraging teacher. isaiah had a great year with her. we are all going to miss her next year. hopefully tan, and smoosh get her :)
isaiah i am so proud of you . you worked so hard this year and improved so much in your reading especially. on a side note: just to brag a bit- isaiah improved by 375% in his reading. how awesome is that!! we are so proud of you!


Alicia said...

Yeah Isaiah!

dawnielle said...

We are so proud of you too Isaiah! You're such a incredible person! I can see God in you and that is something very special!

Our Family said...

Congradualtions Isaiah...we are so proud of you! I can't believe you will be in 4th grade, you are growing up so fast. We love you!