Thursday, June 12, 2008

my little rock band.....

for father's day i wanted to surprise seth with something special. so i went to my good friend who also happens to be a very talented photographer and asked her to help me. we decided it would be cool if we did some alternative pics of the boys. we would make them look like a little rock band and their pics would look like a cover of an album. i knew seth would love it! so monday afternoon with 6 kids in tow we went down to the orange circle to make it happen. the pictures turned out fabulous! michelle is so talented and gifted and i am so thankful that she helped me out. last night we celebrated father's day with my dad and seth since we will be camping this weekend. i surprised both seth and my dad with these amazing pictures. they loved them! the boys were so excited to give them and they were so good at keeping the secret :) if you would like to check out the pics go to and click on 'client proofs' the password is beasley. enjoy!


DL said...

Those pictures are amazing! Michelle is so incredibly talented! I need to hire her to do some pics for me!

Pardue Family said...

Hi Jenni,

This is Shaina, Katie's friend from Temecula. I checked out the pictures of the boys...those are amazing...your friend did an fantasitc job.

Treasure those goes by quick!!!

Have a blessed day,

dawnielle said...

Those pictures are incredible Jenni! I LOVE them!

I really enjoyed talking with you today- THANKS for the wisdom and insight! It really made me miss you guys! I'm looking forward to our beach days! YEAH for summer!!!