Sunday, June 15, 2008

let summer begin........

summer officaly started in the beasley household on thursday. isaiah and tanner were both done with school and thus summer! what better way to start the summer then to go camping. we went to el capitan state beach which is about 13 miles above santa barbara, with our good friends the clark's. they also have three boys so it is always a lot of fun.
justin and alissa go to this same camp ground every year so they knew exactly what campsite they wanted. it was a huge site with a huge tree right in the middle. justin set up a rope swing for the boys to play on. so much fun!
all 6 boys hanging out in the tree. with their guns ofcourse :)
this train track was right above our campsite. super cool too look at, NOT super cool in the middle of the night!
this is BEAUTIFUL el capitan state beach. it feels like a different world here and i love it. there is nothing around besides God's beautiful creation.
on saturday all 10 of us rode our bikes two miles up the rode to refugio state beach. another absolutely beautiful beach. i felt like we were in hawaii. we all rode our bikes up this gorgeous rode parallel to highway 101. there were rolling hills and pastures. it was breathtaking. the boys did so good on our bike ride. even up and down all those hills.
the boys (with the help of their dad's) made this cool teepee out of palm branches. they played in this thing for atleast an hour. i got to read my book and seth was able to take a nap.
smooshie hanging out in the tree. i think the boys spent the entire weekend in that tree.

what a great way to begin our summer. camping with family and close friends.


Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful and like a total boyfest! Glad you guys had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

love the adventures with the boys!! El Captian is beautiful. What a great tradition.

Anonymous said...

That does sound like a great way to start the summer. I'm so glad you are able to do fun things like that. They will be forever memories. Love you all, Sissy

dawnielle said...

We HEART the Beasley fam! Jenni- thanks for being such a thoughtful, loving friend! Your words on my blog have meant so much! You are a treasure and I covet your prayers and support! Thank you my wise friend!

Anonymous said...

how fun!! looks like you guys had an awesome site. i love summer camping!