Wednesday, June 11, 2008


on tuesday night we had our monthly highschool girl's gno. this month we all met at the melting pot. it was soooo good!! (vern,keri, anita, me, gina, sheryl, and nat) love these girls!

this is the dessert plate. i had to take a picture of it cause it was yummy. we dipped this stuff in on pot filled with milk chocolate, carmel, and pecans. the other pot was filled with white chocolate, caramel, and bananas. can you say yum!! you can tell i LOVE dessert.

this is gina and i throwing up cause we were so full. i know..super gross. but it was so funny. it took like five shots trying to get this pic cause we kept laughing so hard. gina kept making this gross noise, and i would bust up laughing.

sweet anita and i . i love her :)

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