Tuesday, May 20, 2008

santa barbara....

last saturday we took advantage of the beautiful hot weekend and headed up to santa barbara for the night. our great friend caitlin lives there and is always so welcoming to visitors.

these our my boys relaxing in the hammock in caitlin's front yard.

sunday was national musuem day so all the museums in the nation were free ( so glad that caitlin reads the newspaper she always knows such great little facts). there just so happens to be a natural history musuem blocks from caitlin's house so we decided to go there for the day. we love FREE!

tanner and isaiah were scared of this grizzly bear so hayden and i kissed him. they were freaking out :)

this is caitlin hanging out with the boys. isaiah used to have a crush on caitlin and he would tell people that he had a 30 year old girlfriend. ha ha.. so funny. but recently he "broke up" with her cause she was to old :)

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DL said...

what great pictures of your weekend! Looks like you guys had a great time. Love the one of smooshie and the bear!