Thursday, May 22, 2008

open house....

tuesday night we had VPE's open house. we are so proud of isaiah. he is doing so well in second grade and has worked so hard. it was so neat to see all that he has done this year. we are so proud of him.
this is isaiah and his teacher ms. granger
saiah and mommy at his very clean desk.
this was so cool. the kids in the class made a 'hero quilt' each of them had a little square of the quilt and they had to write about their hero. in case you can't read it, it says...
'my papa is a hero to me because...he taught me how to play guitar. He listens to everything i say' then around the edge it says 'brave, faithful, nice, and strong' cute is that!! my dad was so excited when he heard about what isaiah had written about him. and the pic looks EXACTLY like my dad. isaiah you are awesome. we love you!


Anonymous said...

That quilt is so darn cute! It does look exactly like your dad! What a treasured keepsake! I love your kid!

Our Family said...

That is so neat that Isaiah made that for dad...he did such a great job at drawing him...Im sure dad was stoked. Isaiah, you are so thoughtful and a very talented artist.

Matt Doan said...

I love Isaiah's picture.
It seriously looks like your Dad.
It is fun for me and Marie to follow your lives. Keep posting!
I hope we can hang with you guys soon.