Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tanner turns 5!

this year for tanner's bday we had an all boy's slumber party, including my boys there were 9 boys in our house. tanner had so much fun. he had a permanent smile on his face the whole night. looking back at tanner's last year he has grown up so much. he is definatley still our shy one but he is really coming into his own. he and seth LOVE to wrestle. tanner could probably wrestle 24/7. we say that it is his love language :) he loves to dress up and play with his friends. it's funny watching he and his friends play because sometimes for two hours there won't be one conversation. their play consists of wrestling and costume wearing. tanner still really looks up to isaiah. they have a very special relationship. his is still our snuggler even now that he is 5, he loves to come in our bed in the morning and cuddle right next to us. he is also an excellent artist. he loves to draw super heros. i think his favorite is superman, but it is always changing. he just started to play soccer, i think he is going to be really good. out of all three tanner is our braveset one. he will go on any ride as long as he is tall enough. we love our tanner john and we are so proud of him

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