Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hayden Turned 3!!!!!!

we have a family tradition of a bday donut. on your bday you get a bday donut on a special plate and we all sing 'happy bday'

On August 23rd our little smooshie turned 3. We celebrated with a few friends at chuck e cheese. Hayden is such joy to have in our family. He is definatley our little comedian. He makes us laugh all day long. The boys absolutely adore him. Every single morning they can't wait for him to wake up (he likes to sleep in), they both cheer when he comes out of his room :) He loves to dress up, and play with his brothers. His favorite super hero right now is 'Flash'. He got a 'Flash' costume for his bday and has worn it every day. He has no fear. He is only 3 but acts like a 7 year old. He really has no trouble keeping up with his brothers. He loves, loves to cuddle. As long as he has his mimi and his thumb he could cuddle for hours. We love it and sometimes fight over who gets to cuddle him. We love Hayden so much and feel so blessed to call him our son.

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