Thursday, August 30, 2007

isaiah's first day of second grade

isaiah started second grade today. i can't believe how old his is getting. time has flown by so fast. he was so funny about me taking this picture. last year and the year before i took a picture with him in front of his class room door. but no not this year. we had to be out on the street where no one could see us, and i was definatley not allowed to be in the picture...ha ha ha...and he is only 7! what will it be like when he is 13????

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Our Family said...

Your little Isaiah is growing up...hopefully next year he will still let you take his picture. What am I thinking, he's Isaiah he loves the camera. Isaiah, I hope school is great for you and that you meet lots of new friends in your class:)I like the definitely know how to dress:)