Monday, November 09, 2009

M3......(manly man mondays)

i haven't done a m3 post in awhile. not because i haven't had anything to write but because i haven't been very good at blogging . so today will be a m3 monday :)

seth has been working VERY HARD at work so today i wanted to pray for him and give him to the lord.

"lord, i lift seth up to you. i give him and his business fully to you. wrap your loving arms around him and give him the encouragement he needs. i pray that you would give me the strength to encourage him and to give him to you every day. i pray that you would bless him for all his hard work and dedication. i pray that he would continue to trust in you alone and to follow your will. lord, i pray for clients and i pray that he continues to stay busy. when he starts to feel stressed i pray that you would take it from him. this is your business father, not our's. we want your will to be done. praise you for your faithfullness, amen"

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