Thursday, November 19, 2009

girls just wanna......

i just got back from an amazing cruise with *15 girls* for vern's bachelorette party. to say i had fun would be an understatement. it was truly amazing. i can't even explain to you how amazing cause you just had to be there. i was trying to tell seth all about it... all the inside didn't make sense to him. :) for those of you that know vern you know that she has a wild imagination and is super fun. so as part of the cruise we had themed nights. the first night was *rainbow night* and we all wore one color head to toe. the second night was *80's prom*, and the third we all wore *matching shirts* that vern and gina made us.
me and the soon to be bride vern. we have been friends since we were 7! how amazing is that?

all the colors of the rainbow

michelle and i -gray and jade :)

on saturday the cruise took port in ensenada mexico. we went to papa's and beer for drinks. it was CRAZY there.

saturday night was 80's prom. people kept coming up and taking pictures with us.

this is gina and the lurker...we gave him that name cause every night while we were dancing he would stand around us and just kind of lurk..

on saturday night after getting in at 4am (i guess it was sunday morning then, huh?) i decided to order room service. at 10 am they knocked on our door with A TON of food. i guess i ordered too much. ha ha ha! btw..this was only for 5 people :)

sunday afternoon we threw a bachelorette party for vern. we all wore these matching shirts. as part of the party everyone was supposed to bring vern a brand new pair of underwear. you couldn't write your name on the card cause we wanted her to guess who had given her the underwear. by the end of the game gina thought it would be a good idea if we wore the underwear that we had given vern on our head. so that's what we did ............
at dinner this lady from kentucky came up to us with the strongest southern accent and said "can i take my picture with you? i'm from kentucky and i've never seen anything like this."
ha ha so funny!!
thanks girls for a beyond amazing weekend!! and thanks vern for getting married :)


Alicia said...

Thank god for your blog because I saw all the pictures on Facebook and knew you guys had not lost your minds, but was wondering what the heck was going on!

jenni said...

lol alicia. that is funny!!! no, we didn't lose our minds :)

DL said...

So fun...glad I got to join in! xo