Friday, October 02, 2009

disneyland birthday...

for isaiah's bday this year we let the boys ditch school to have a family day at disneyland. of course our morning had to start with our tradition of a bday donut :)they had the park all decked out for halloween. even though it was a wed. at the end of september, it was still super crowded. isaiah kept wondering if everyone was ditching school. and i was wondering if anyone works?? ha ha!
it was super fun just spending the day with the five of us.

the birthday boy wanted 'rainforest cafe' for his bday dinner so we went took the monerail over to downtown disney for some dinner. we made it back just in time for the awesome halloween firework show.

we had a great day celebrating isaiah!
**happy birthday**

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Alicia said...

The Halloween Fireworks were awesome!!!!! We went on Friday:)