Wednesday, September 30, 2009

double digits!!...

*happy 10th birthday isaiah* in honor of 10 wonderful years and hitting the milestone of never again being a single digit age i want to let everyone know 10 reasons that you are so great (i know i could do more then 10 but since it is your 10th bday and all :).....
1. you have a HUGE heart
2. you are an amazing artist and are passionate about it. (i have never in my life seen someone draw as much as isaiah. he does it the second he wakes up, when we are in the car, after homework, after bath.)
3. you have an awesome style. i love your fashion sense :)
4. you LOVE your brothers. they are your best friends
5. you share your feelings and are very open with me.
6. you LOVE God and know what it means to have a relationship with him
7. you love to read (especially about world war 2), along w/ your art book you always have a book you are reading (and i don't even have to make you)
8. you are so social and will talk to anyone. you make friends very easily.
9. you are smart and funny (i know that's two )
10. you still love dressing up and playing make believe even though you are 10. i love this about you :)
**isaiah i love you so much and am so happy
that God blessed us with you.
you are an amazing son, brother, and friend.
happy birthday**


susan (germany) said...

He sounds like an amazing kid, wow! This says a lot about him but a lot about his parents too. Fun post to read. =)

Alicia said...

He really is a great kid, Ethan always says Isaiah is his nicest friend:)

DL said...

You do have one special boy there...We love you Za and feel so lucky to know you! You are a great young man and I know JT loves hanging out with you.

Happy Birthing Day (belated) to you too Jenni...what a special boy who made you a mama!